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TITLE: HIKO HIKO (Korean Dance from "The Sho-gun") COMPOSER: Gustav Luders ARRANGER: Hilding Anderson COPYRIGHT DATE: 1904..............17 pages, This orchestra arrangement is complete and has the following instrumentation: Piano/Conductor, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute & Piccolo, Clarinet in Bb, Cornets in Bb 12, Trombone, Drums.
COMPOSER: Gustav Luders/ARRANGER: Hilding Anderson M.Witmark & Sons New York English

722 A.C.A.Song Book/1948

64 pages .Circa 1948 ,first edition.
American Camping Association,Inc.Chicago American Camping Association,Inc.Chicago English

719 Catalogue of the Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments /1921

hard cover, 8vo. 276 pages. First edition.A Catalgogue of World Musical Instruments collected by Fredrick Stearns(1831-1907)
STANLEY, Albert A. University of Michigan English

706 Music Sheet.Two Songs: On Wings of Prayer and Earth is the Gift of God. /1930

Two Songs: On Wings of Prayer and Earth is the Gift of God. M "These are Traditional Folk Songs of Korea, brought to us and translated by Rody Hyun, one of the Koreans whom Homer Rodeheaver brought over here and gave special music training. He was graduated from chosen Christian College and received a Master's degree from an accredited school in America. he was in Korea, teaching very successfully in Chosen Christian College." 5 pages. On back page, extra selection: Assurance by Chas H. Gabriel and George O. Webster. Signed by Rody Hyun on front cover in English and in Korean.
Hyun, Rody (Dr.) The Rodeheaven Company,Chicago English

705 Program ,The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra,1949/1949

size: 57x44 cm. Printed in English and Korean. Invitation to the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra on the Occation of the Opening of the United States New Information Center in Pusan. One of 150 copies on handmade paper for a presentation of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra for May 12th, 1949. Conducted by RRolf Jacoby.
The United Staese Information Center in Pusan . English

694 THE PEARL OF KOREA for silent films in movie /1921

This is the ¡°original music¡± that musicians used to accompany silent films in movie houses all over the world. Later on, this music was used for the late 1920¡¯s silents that had synchronized soundtracks. Then in the early 1930s, some of the smaller Hollywood studios used this music to underscore their Western and Adventure films. These orchestrations/arrangements [with all the cues] are very versatile by the fact that they can be played by a solo/single pianist, or up to a 15 or 16 piece orchestra. Most of the original copies of this rare music were thrown out when ¡°talking¡± pictures came in. Copyright: 1921,CARL FISCHER New York.(later published in 1940) Size: 30cmx23cm 1) First Violin ,4 pages. 2) Piano-Conductor ,12 pages. 3) 2nd Violin, 3 pages. 4) Organ,5 pages 5)Piccolo, 2 pages. 6)Violoncello ,3 pages. 7)Viola, 3 pages.

673 ATLANTIS ,1929/1929

hardcover, 4to. 704 pages. Korea section: Korean Dance (from page 218- to page 223/Korean Ancient relics(from page 249 to page 255)
Atlantis-Verlag,Berlin Atlantis-Verlag,Berlin German

576 The Journal of American Folk-lore ,Vol.11 no.42. July-September ,1898/1898

Stiff Card Covers,8vo. 72 pages. Korea section: Rhymes of Korean Children by E.B.Landis.from page 203 to 209......................."Ko cho mekko,maim maim, Tampai mekko,maim maim...... Pyel hanna, Na hana Pyel toul ,Na toul...." very rare source on the songs of Korean children at the end of the 19th century .
The American Flo-lore Society . English

574 The Journal of American Folk-lore Vol.X No.XXXVIII,1897 /1897

Stiff Card Covers. 8 vo.First Edition. 8vo - over 7¨ú" - 9¨ú" tall. essay on the 'Holy Grail' by W.W.Newell. This is part II. Also in this 19th century 89pp journal is a 13pp.essay by W.W.Beauchamp on the Iroquois Longhouse faith of Handsome Lake as well as Korean Nursery Rhyme(6 pages) and Hopi ritua. Quite rare early publication of the American Folklore Lournal.
The American Folklore Society . English

566 KOREAN NATIONAL HYMN (AI KOOK KA)(published in June 1936 in Sanfrancisco Calf.)/1936

A music sheet of Korean National Hymn. First edition in Korean. 3 pages inluding front cover page.Very scarce material on Korea.
Eak Tai AHN Korean National Association Others

512 Korean Dancer(Choi Seung Hee) ca.1940 SIGNED IN BOTH CHINESE CHARACTERS and IN ENGLISH BY Choi Seung Hee/1940

soft cover, 8 vo. 24 pages including covers.Illustrated with 22 black and white photographs.Biography wiith an additional essay by Helen Parkhurst, president of the Dalton Schools...............She was born into the upper-class in Keijo (now Seoul) under the Japanese rule. When she was fifteen, she went to Japan to study under a Japanese modern dancer Ishii Baku against her father's opposition. She distinguished herself as one of the most talented dancers. She developed her own modern dances inspired by Korean folk dances, which had been considered as lowly works. She was supported by Japanese intellectuals including Kawabata Yasunari. She went to North Korea and got posts in the communist government. She was purged by the party and disappeared in the 1960s. In February 2003, she was rehabilitated and utilized for propaganda by North Korea, who announced that she died in 1969(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHOI SEUNGHEE: The Korean Dancer (vhs) The Extraordinary Life and Career of a Legendary Performer ¡°She enraptured the world with her grace and enigmatic Asian style.¡± The New York Times ¡°Her dance was full of life, and beautiful; with an unbelievable elegance of movement. She ascended to the greatest heights of her art and profession in her own land, Korea. She introduced Eastern dance to the European world, and performed with Martha Graham and the American Ballet Company. Yet she suffered exile and, almost certainly, assassination at the hands of a bloody tyrant. ¡°Choi Seunghee was born in 1911 to a poor family in South Korea, then ruled as a feudal colony by Japan. This award-winning documentary traces her amazing and unprecedented rise to international fame and artistic success through her innovative adaptation of traditional Korean dance to modern expressionism. Combining music and dance in sensual combination, her beautiful silhouette and vivacious personality were applauded by both rich and poor throughout Korea, Japan and China, where the dance techniques she developed are still taught. ¡°Unique color film of Choi Seunghee performing, and many rare archival photographs and interviews give an unforgettable look at the extraordinary life and career of a legendary performer.¡± ---From the box blurb.
Basanta Koomar Roy. Spotlite Publicity Features , N.Y. English

492 A Brivele von CHOSEN(Music Sheet)/1915

Music Sheet, A Letter from Sweetheart,Piano 50,Violin 30
D.Meyerowitz Hebrew Publishing Co. German

463 Encyclopedie DE LA MUSIQUE et Dictionnaire du Conservatoire ,premiere partie(Encyclopedia of Music in French ,volume one of 11 volumes/set)/1913

hard cover,morocco back and marbled boards, illustrated, mild 4 to. 610 pages.first edition.text in French. The first part, Histoire de la Musique, was brought out in 5 volumes between 1913 and 1922; the second part, Technique De La Musique, was brought out in 6 volumes between 1925 and 1931. The history volumes are organized by country and cover Egypte, Assyrie-Chaldee, Syriens, Perses, Hittites, Phrygiens, Hebreux, Chine-Coree, Japon, Inde, Grece, Moyen Age, Italie, Allemagne, France, Belgique et Hollande, Angleterre, Espagne, Portugal, Russie, Finlande et Scandinavie, Autriche-Hongrie, Tziganes, Arabes, Turquie, Perse, Thibet, Ethiopie, Birmanie-Cambodge-Laos-Siam, Annam-Tonkin-Cochinchine, Insulinde, Madagascar, Canaries, Amerique, Indiens Peaux-Rouges. The second part covers instruments, technique, esthetics, and pedagogy. Korea section: from page 211 to page 220 (Traditional Korean Music was introduced by Maurice Courant(author of Bibliographie Coreenne) China and Korea section:from 211 to 241 ( Index)
Albert Lavignac Librairie CH.Delagrave,paris French

341 1938 France Japon No.30 (15 Juin 1938)/1938

paperback,47 pages. Korea section: 1)Sur la Dance Coreenne(par Takugen TCHO) :from page 273 to page 274 2) Une Exposition a Paris de M.Unsoung Pai page 274.
Comite Franco-Japonais de Tokio,Paris Comite Franco-Japonais de Tokio,Paris French

315 Graceful Music of Korea/1950

paperback,25 pages. Illustrated with b/w photographs of Korean Traditional Musical Instruments. Source on Korean Traditional Musical Instruments.
Kyung Lin Song .. English

283 Die Braut von KOREA (A Bride from Korea in English) ballet in 4 Akten und 8 Bildern von H.Regel, Choreographischer Theil von Jos.Hassreiter,Musik von Josef Bayer /1897

paper (size:34x27 cm), 20 pages including covers. Piano music from this Ballet. Extremely rare materials on Korea. The Composer was Josef Bayer (born in Vienna in 1852 and died in 1913),who was a successful composer of ballet and a ballet director at the Vienna Court Opera from 1885 .He was Member of the Schlaraffia-Vindobona from 1902...
Josef Bayer Schlesinger' sche Buch-& Musikhandlung ,Berlin German

214 History of Foreign Music /1910

hard cover,273 pages.Illustrated with photographs. 1910 first edition. A useful study on the musics of foreign lands inlcuding Korea. Korea section: from page 35 to 41 .
W.L.Hubbard(editor) Irving Squire,New York English

210 Korea Land of Song/1954

paperback,15 pages. introducing Korean folk songs.
Korean Research and Information Office,Seoul .. English

196 National Anthems and how they came to be written/1952

hard cover,59 pages. 1952 revised edition.(first edition is 1951) Study on National Anthems of 7 countries. United States/Korea/England/Australia/Canada/France and Netherlands. Korea section:from 16 page to 23.
Eloise R.Griffith,M.A. The Christian Publishing House,Boston English

194 Die Koreanische Musik Einfuhrung und Besprechung von 17 zum ersten mal in die Europaische notenschrift ubertragenen kompositionen/1934

75 pages of text and 16 pages of music examples without cover.
Chung Sik Keh Universitat-Buchdruckerei Heiz & Co, Strassburg German

147 Far Peoples/1929

hard cover,274 pages. first edition. Collection of folk lore, songs, stories etc representing India, China, Korea, Africa, Japan etc. Korea section: From page 67 to 99 Stories/Songs/Poetry/Games/Refreshments/Dress
Grace Darling Phillips The University of Chicago Press,Chicago English

117 Essai Historique sur la Musique Classique des Chinois appendice relatif a la Musique Coreenne/1912

paperback.165 pages.illustrated. Extrait de L'Encyclopedie de la Musique et Dictionanaire du Conservatoire Korea section from page 211 to 221. A study on classic music of China and Korea. Description of Korean musical instruments history of Korean Music and fluenece of China on musical forms and dances in Korea transcriptions in western musical form of Korean music Based on Korean sources. (Annotation is based on KOREA,Library of Congress,1950)
Maurice Courant Librairie Ch.Delagrave,Paris French


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