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Korean Dancer(Choi Seung Hee) ca.1940 SIGNED IN BOTH CHINESE CHARACTERS and IN ENGLISH BY Choi Seung Hee

soft cover, 8 vo. 24 pages including covers.Illustrated with 22 black and white photographs.Biography wiith an additional essay by Helen Parkhurst, president of the Dalton Schools...............She was born into the upper-class in Keijo (now Seoul) under the Japanese rule. When she was fifteen, she went to Japan to study under a Japanese modern dancer Ishii Baku against her father's opposition. She distinguished herself as one of the most talented dancers. She developed her own modern dances inspired by Korean folk dances, which had been considered as lowly works. She was supported by Japanese intellectuals including Kawabata Yasunari. She went to North Korea and got posts in the communist government. She was purged by the party and disappeared in the 1960s. In February 2003, she was rehabilitated and utilized for propaganda by North Korea, who announced that she died in 1969(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHOI SEUNGHEE: The Korean Dancer (vhs) The Extraordinary Life and Career of a Legendary Performer She enraptured the world with her grace and enigmatic Asian style. The New York Times Her dance was full of life, and beautiful; with an unbelievable elegance of movement. She ascended to the greatest heights of her art and profession in her own land, Korea. She introduced Eastern dance to the European world, and performed with Martha Graham and the American Ballet Company. Yet she suffered exile and, almost certainly, assassination at the hands of a bloody tyrant. Choi Seunghee was born in 1911 to a poor family in South Korea, then ruled as a feudal colony by Japan. This award-winning documentary traces her amazing and unprecedented rise to international fame and artistic success through her innovative adaptation of traditional Korean dance to modern expressionism. Combining music and dance in sensual combination, her beautiful silhouette and vivacious personality were applauded by both rich and poor throughout Korea, Japan and China, where the dance techniques she developed are still taught. Unique color film of Choi Seunghee performing, and many rare archival photographs and interviews give an unforgettable look at the extraordinary life and career of a legendary performer. ---From the box blurb.

  AuthorBasanta Koomar Roy.
  PublisherSpotlite Publicity Features , N.Y.

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