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THE PEARL OF KOREA for silent films in movie

This is the ¡°original music¡± that musicians used to accompany silent films in movie houses all over the world. Later on, this music was used for the late 1920¡¯s silents that had synchronized soundtracks. Then in the early 1930s, some of the smaller Hollywood studios used this music to underscore their Western and Adventure films. These orchestrations/arrangements [with all the cues] are very versatile by the fact that they can be played by a solo/single pianist, or up to a 15 or 16 piece orchestra. Most of the original copies of this rare music were thrown out when ¡°talking¡± pictures came in. Copyright: 1921,CARL FISCHER New York.(later published in 1940) Size: 30cmx23cm 1) First Violin ,4 pages. 2) Piano-Conductor ,12 pages. 3) 2nd Violin, 3 pages. 4) Organ,5 pages 5)Piccolo, 2 pages. 6)Violoncello ,3 pages. 7)Viola, 3 pages.


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