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759 Vie Monseigneur Daveluy /1883

hard cover in 2 volumes. Volume one: 323 pages. Volume 2 : 325 pages.Exytremely Rare sources on the martyrdom of French missions headed by Korean authority in 1866 in Korea.
Charles Salmon Bray et Retaux,Paris French

750 Catholic Mission in Seoul,Orginal Photograph taken in 1892 in Seoul./1892

Size: 21x21cm mounted on cardborad. The names of 9 important persons including Mgr.Mutel and from Cosulate of France in Seoul were captioned on the bottom of the cardboard.
French Catholic Mission in Seoul . French


hard cover, 4 to. 673 pages . Second edition(first edition was published in 1601 in Spain)Rarísimo ejemplar de las misiones realizadas por los jesuítas en el Oriente Lejano hasta el año 1600. Incluye numerosos grabados de gan calidad. Escrita por un padre de la Compañía. Es la primera parte de dos, en la que se incluyen seis libros: tres de la Historia y Geografia 573 página....First Western materials dealing with Korean War against Japan FROM 1592 TO 1598... KOREA SECTION: 50 PAGES.
Padre Luis de Guzmán Administration de ,Bibao Others

740 The Church in COREA /1915

hard cover, first edition, 115 pages. Illustrated with 16 black and white photographs and a map.
Mark Napier Trollope,D.D. A.R.Mowbray & Co.Ltd. English

735 Vie de Just de Bretenieres.Missionnaire Apostolique Martyrise en COREE en 1866. /1889

paperback,347 pages. first edition. Rare catholic materials on the martyrdom of French Mission in Korea in 1866.
Mgr.D'Hulst Librarie Poussielgue Fress,Paris French


hard cover.Octavo.107 pages. first edition in Spainish. Rare souce on the catholicism in Korea.
P.Jose Spillman Friburgo de Brisgovia(Alemania )B.Herder,Libero-Editor Pontificio Others

707 LIFE OF MONSEIGNEUR BERNEUX,Bishop of Capse,Vicar-Apostolic of COREA /1872

167 pages. First edition. Rare source on Catholic History of Korea in the 2nd half of 19th century.
M.Labbe Pichon Burns,Oates ,and Company,London French

702 Catholic Map of KOREA(second half of 19th Century:c.1880) /1880

size:55x38cm showing the Catholic church sites in Korea in the second half of 19th century.Very rare source on Catholic church in Korea.
Missionnaires de COREE de la SOCIETE des MISSIONS Imp.Lemerecier et Cie French

656 18 letters and 2 photographs of French Catholic Mission (Mousset Germain 1876 -1957) in Korea. /1917

Museum Quality catholic materials of Mousset Germain (1876 1957: who lived in Korea from 1917 to 1955 ?) 1) 3 letters from France before he left for Korea in 1917.(October 14,1917/October 30,1917November 26,1917) 2) December 14,1917 from Taikou(Daeku),Korea 3) July 14,1919 from Daeku,Korea 4)December 8,1923 fro Daeku,Korea 5)January 11,1924 from Daeku,Korea 6)December 8,1927 from Daeku,Korea 7)December 2,1928 from Daeku,Korea 8)May 11,1932 from Daeku,Korea 9)May 16,1932 from Daeku,Korea 10)October,29 1935 from Saigon,Vietnam 11)November 22,1935 from Daeku,Korea 12)September 13,1936 from Daeku,Korea 13)November 10,1936 from Daeku,Korea 14)January 24,1946 from Daeku,Korea 15)May 23,1955 from Seoul,Korea 16) July 11,1955 from Seoul,Korea --------------------------------------- 17) 2 original photographs(size: 10.5x8cmand 10x17cm ) 18) 13 used letter envelopes( 9 envelopes stamped Mission catholique Taikou-Coree( ,one envelope handwritten by Mousset Germain from Seoul,Korea. 3 used envelopes without postal address)
Mousset Germain (1876 -1957) . French

655 Vie de Michel Alexandre Petit Nicolas Petre de la Societe des Mission-Etrangeres decapite pour la foi en Coree le 12 Mars 1866./1891

hard cover, 396 pages. General overview of Catholicism in Korea in the second half of 19th century and the mission work of M.A. Petitnicolas headed by Korean authority in Korea in 1866.
Le.P.Desire Bordeaux Chez les Religieuses Franciscaines,Paris French

645 Just de Bretenieres /1910

hard cover, 8 vo.372 pages. First edition. Catholic material focused on the life and martyrdom of Mgr.Just de Bretenieres beheaded by the Korean authority on March 8,1866 in Korea.
C. Appert Librairie Emmanuel Vitte,Paris/Lion French

567 LIFE OF HENRY DORIE, Martyr(Headed by Korean Authority in 1866 )/1873

Hard cover,116 pages.Ca.1873.No date- from 1860-70's. Previous owner name and the year 1873 on front flyleaf. Translated by Lady Herbert. Biography of Henry Dorie, a priest, missionary and Corean martyr of 1866.Very rare materials on History of Catholic Church in Korea.
Abbe Ferdinand Baudry The Catholic Publication Society,N.Y. English

356 Martyrs Francais et Coreens 1838-1846 /1925

Paperback, 8 vo. 272 pages. First editon. Important source on Catholicism in Korea in the first half of 19th century and French and Korean Catholic people beheaded by Korean government from 1838 to 1846.
Adrien Launay/Societe Des Missions-Etrangeres,Paris P.Teui,Libraire-Editeur,Paris French

528 Die Koreanischen MARTYRER 1838-1846/1929

paperback, 8 vo. 270 pages. First edition.Illustrated with 16 black and white photographs and 1 folded map.Rare work about persecution of Christians in Korea in the middle of the 19th century.
Adrien Launay Missionsverlag St.Ottilien,Germany German

515 Missions of Korea and Formosa Volume 4,Number 7(March 1947)/1947

paperback ,8 vo.39 pages.A Missionary Academia Study published by The Society for The Propagation of the Faith and The Missionary Union of the Clergy.
Rev.Laurent Youn The America Press,New York English

508 Auf Allen Wegen(Das abeteuerliche Leben des ersten koreanischen Priesters Andreas Kim-tai-ken)/1957

hard cover,84 pages. first edition. Very rare source on the life of St. Kim,Tae-gun Andreas(1821-1846) beheaded by Korean Authority in September 1846 in Seoul.
Adolf Heuken Verlag Ludwing Auer-Cassianeum,Donauworth,Germany German

502 I Fratelli Coreani/1910

paperback, 12 mo.107 pages.ca.1910 Story of Korean Borthers being Christian at the beginning of the 20th Century.
Giuseppe Spillmann Societa Editrice International ,Torino,Italy Italian


Paperback, 8vo.345 pages .frist edition. General overview of the Catholic church in Korea and M.P.Aumaitre beheaded by Korean authority in 1866. Very rare source on the history of Catholic church in Korea in 19th century.
M.Leandre Potou A L'Impreimerie Baillarger French

487 Un Martyr en COREE vie de Michel-Alkexandre Petitnicolas /1873

hardcover,8vo.190 pages.first edition. Rare Catholic source on the general overview of catholic study and MIchel-Alexandre Petitnicolas beheaded by Korean authority in 1866 in Korea.
M.L'abbe Renard Alfred Mame et Fils,Editeurs,Tours,France French

486 LA COREE Martyrs et Missionnaires/1895

soft cover,8 vo. first edition.316 pages. Numerous illustrations. General overview of the political situation of Korea and catholic church and catholic peoples beheaded in Korea in 19th century.Rare source on catholic church in old Korea.
E.Flourer Librairie E.Le Chevallier ,Nancy,France French

485 The New Glories of the Catholic Church translated from the Italian by the Father of the London Oratory./1920

Hard cover, 8vo.331 pages. ca.1920 .11th edition(first edition was published in 1859 in London) Korea section:from page 17 to page 170. Catholic book wiith a focus on Corea, discusses the acts of several Corean Martyrs in the persecution of 1839, the tortures, the prisons, and a number of individuals.Scarce source on Catholic mission in Korea.
. Baltimore MD: John Murphy English


Hard cover, 4to. 368 pages. General overview of French catholic missions in Korea .Illustrated with many skecthes.Scarce source on catholic history in Korea pre 1900.
Adien Launay.Introduction by Charles Dallet Tours Alfred Mame ,Paris French

483 Histoire Generale de la Societe des MISSIONS-ETRANGERES(General History of the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris)/1894

Softcover in 3 volumes.8 vo. Paperbound. 595, 594, 646 pages. First edition. Many references to history of Catholic church in Korea................................. The Society of Foreign Missions of Paris was established in 1658-63, its chief founders being Mgr Pallu, Bishop of Heliopolis, Vicar Apostolic of Tongking, and Mgr Lambert de la Motte, Bishop of Bertyus, Vicar Apostolic of Conchin-China. Both bishops left France (1660-62) to go to their respective missions and as true travellers of Christ they crossed Persia and India on foot. The object of the new society was and is still the evangelization of infidel countries, by founding churches and raising up a native clergy under the jurisdiction of the bishops. In order that the society might recruit members and administer its property, a house was established in 1663 by the priests whom the vicars Apostolic had appointed their agents. This house, whose directors were to form young priests to the apostolic life and transmit to the bishops the offerings made by charity, was, and is still situated in Paris in the Rue de Bac. Known from the beginning as the seminary of Foreign Missions, its secured the approval of Alexander VII, and the legal recognition, still in force, of the French Government. The nature and organization of the society deserves special mention. It is not a religious order but a congregation, a society of secular priests, united as members of the same body, not by vows but by the rule approved by the Holy See, by community of object, and the seminary of Foreign Missions, which is the centre of the society and the common basis which sustains the other parts. On entering the society the missionaries promise to devote themselves until death to the service of the missions, while the society assures them in return, besides the means of sanctification and perseverance, all necessary temporal support and assistance. There is no superior general; the bishops, vicars Apostolic, superiors of missions and board of directors of the seminary are the superiors of the society. The directors of the seminary are chosen from among the missionaries and each group of missions is represented by a director. The bishops and vicars Apostolic are appointed by the pope, after nomination by the missionaries, and presentation by the directors of the seminary. In their missions they depend only on Propaganda and through it on the pope. No subject aged more than thirty-five may be admitted to the seminary nor may anyone become a member of the society before having spent three years in the mission field. Several points of this rule were determined from the earliest year of the society's existence, and others were established by degrees and as experience pointed out their usefulness. By this rule the society has lived and according to it its history has been outlined. This history is difficult, for owing to the length of the journeys, the infrequent communication, and the poverty of resources the missions have developed with difficulty. The chief events of the first period (1658-1700) are: the publication of the book "Institutions apostoliques", which contains the germ of the principles of the rule, the foundation of the general seminary at Juthia, (Siam), the evangelization of Tongking, Cochin China, Cambodia, and Siam, where more than 40,000 Christians were baptized, the creation of an institute of Annamite nuns known as "Lovers of the Cross", the establishment of rules among catechists, the ordination of thirty native priests. Besides these events of purely religious interest there were others in the political order which emphasized the patriotism of these evangelical labourers: through their initiative a more active trade was established between Indo-China, the Indies, and France; embassies were sent from place to place; treaties were signed; a French expedition to Siam took possession of Bangkok, Mergin, and Jonselang, and France was on the verge of possessing an Indo-Chinese empire when the blundering of subalterns ruined an undertaking the failure of which had an unfortunate influence on the missions. But the most important work of the vicars Apostolic and the society is the application of the fruitful principle of the organization of churches by native priests and bishops. Thenceforth the apostolate in its progress has has followed this plan in every part of the world with scrupulous fidelity and increasing success. In the second half of the eighteenth century it was charged with the missions which the Jesuits had possessed in India prior to their suppression in Portugal. Many of the Jesuits remained there. The missions thereupon assumed new life, especially at Setchoan, where remarkable bishops, Mgr Pottier and Mgr Dufresse, gave a strong impulse to evangelical work; and in Cochin China, where Mgr Pineau de Behaine performed signal service for the king of that country as his agent in making with France a treaty, which was the first step towards the splendid situation of France in Indo-China. At the end of the eighteenth century the French revolution halted the growth of the society, which had previously been very rapid. At that time it had six bishops, a score of missionaries, assisted by 135 native priests; in the various missions there were nine seminaries with 250 students, and 300,000 Christians. Each year the number of baptisms rose on a average of 3000 to 3500; that of infant baptisms in articulo mortis was more than 100,000. In the nineteenth century the development of the society and its missions was rapid and considerable. Several causes contributed to this; chiefly the charity of the Propagation of the Faith and the Society of the Holy Childhood; each bishop receives annually 1200 francs, each mission has its general needs and works allowance, which varies according to its importance, and may amount to from 10,000 to 30,000 francs. The second cause was persecution. Fifteen missionaries died in prison or were beheaded during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and the beginning of the nineteenth century; but after that the martyrs among the missionaries were very numerous. The best known are Mgr Dufresse, vicar Apostolic of Se-tchoan, beheaded in 1815; Gagelin, Marchand, Jaccard, Cornay, and Dumoulin-Borie from 1833 to 1838; and from 1850 to 1862 Schoeffler, Vénard, Bonnard, Néron, Chapdelaine, Néel, Cuenot, vicar Apostolic of Eastern Cochin China. If, besides these, mention were made of the native priests, catechists, and nuns, in short of all who died for Christ, we should have a record of one of the bloodiest holocausts in history. These persecutions were described in Europe by books, pamphlets, annals, and journals, arousing the pity of some and the anger of others, and inspiring numerous young men either with the desire or martyrdom or that of evangelization. They moved European nations, especially France and England, to intervene in Indo-China and China, and open up in these countries an era of liberty and protection till then unknown. Another cause of the progress of the missionaries was the ease and frequency of communication in consequence of the invention of steam and the opening of the Suez Canal. A voyage could be made safely in one month which formerly required eight to ten months amid many dangers. The following statistics of the missions confided to the Society will show this development at a glance: Missions of Japan and Korea — Tokio, Nagasaki, Osaka, Hakodate, Korea, total number of Catholics, 138,624; churches or chapels, 238; bishops and missionaries, 166; native priests, 48; catechists, 517; seminaries, 4; seminarists, 81; communities of men and women, 44, containing 390 persons; schools, 161, with 9024 pupils; orphanages and work-rooms, 38, with 988 children; pharmacies, dispensaries, and hospitals, 19. Missions of China and Tibet — Western, Eastern, and Southern Se-tchoan, Yun-nan, Kouy-tcheou, Kouang-ton, Kouang-si, Southern Manchuria, Northern Manchuria. — Catholics, 272,792; churches or chapels, 1392; bishops and missionaries, 408; native priests, 191; catechists, 998; seminaries, 19; seminarists, 661; communities of men and women, 23, with 222 members; schools, 1879, with 31,971 pupils; orphanages and work-rooms, 132, with 4134 children; pharmacies, dispensaries, and hospitals, 364. Missions of Eastern Indo-China — Tongking, Cochin China, Cambodia — Catholic population, 632,830; churches or chapels, 2609; bishops and missionaries, 365; native priests, 491; catechists, 1153; seminaries, 14; seminarists, 1271; communities of men and women, 91, with 2538 persons; schools, 1859, with 58,434 pupils; orphanages and work-rooms, 106, with 7217 children; pharmacies, dispensaries, and hospitals, 107. Missions of Western Indo-China — Siam, Malacca, Laos, Southern Burma, Northern Burma — Catholics, 132,226; churches or chapels, 451; bishops and missionaries, 199; native priests, 42; catechists, 242; seminaries, 3; seminarists, 81; communities of men and women, 47, with 529 members; schools, 320, with 21,306 pupils; orphanages and work-rooms, 132, with 3757 children; pharmacies, dispensaries, and hospitals, 86. Missions of India — Pondicherry, Mysore, Coimbatore, Kumbakonam. — Catholics, 324,050; churches or chapels, 1048; bishops and missionaries, 207; native priests, 67; catechists, 274; seminaries, 4; seminarists, 80; communities of men and women, 54, with 787 members; schools, 315, with 18,693 pupils; orphanages and work-rooms, 57, with 2046 children; pharmacies, dispensaries, and hospitals, 41. In addition to these missionaries actively engaged in mission work, there are some occupied in the establishments called common, because they are used by the whole society. Indeed the development of the society necessitated undertakings which were not needed in the past. Hence a sanatorium for sick missionaries has been established at Hong-Kong on the coast of China; another in India among the Nilgiri mountains, of radiant appearance and invigorating climate, and a third in France. In thinking of the welfare of the body, that of the soul was not lost sight of, and a house of spiritual retreat was founded at Hong-Kong, wither all the priests of the society may repair to renew their priestly and apostolic fervour. To this house was added a printing establishment whence issue the most beautiful works of the Far East, dictionaries, grammars, books of theology, piety, Christian doctrine, and pedagogy. Houses of correspondence, or agencies, were established in the Far East, at Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Saigon, Singapore, and one at Marseilles, France. The Seminary of the Foreign Missions which long had only one section, has for twenty years had two.
Adrien Launay Tequi,Libaire-Editeur .Paris French

481 The Corean Martyrs/1870

hard cover, 12mo ,115 pages. ca.1870. General overview of the catholic peoples beheaded by Korean Government in 1866 in Korea.Extremely rare source on catholic church in Korea.
Canon Schortland Burns,Oates & Co.,London English

423 Her Name is MERCY/1957

paperback, 8vo.184 pages. first edition. Illustrated with b/w Photos. Sister Maria Del Rey of the Maryknoll Sisters tells the dramatic & exciting story of Sister Mary Mercy and her medical work under frightful post-war conditions in Korea in 1951.The dramatic and exciting story of Sister Mary Mercy and her medical work under fightful post-war conditions in Korea. A doctor, she found a real vocation too as a Maryknoll Sister. Tells how three Maryknoll Sisters, working with the barest essentials and often without them, became the core of a hard-working, tremendously successful team of workers from every walk of life and from many different countries. The clinic which they started in 1951 treated 100 patients a morning, but by 1954 was treating about 2600 a day. Originally housed by makeshift methods - old cartons, tin cans flattened for the roof - the book ends with the construction of a new 160-bed hospital - the largest in Korea.
Sister Maria Del Rey of Maryknoll Charles Scribner's Sons ,New York English

419 Vie de Bd-Ls BEAULIEU Pretre de la Societe Missions etrangers Mort pour la foi en COREE/1868

soft cover,162 pages.first eidition. Extremely rare source on French Catholic Mission in Korea in the second half of 19th century.
L'abbe P.G.Deydou Impremerie de J.Delmas French

411 Fleur de Vendee Pierre-Henri Doriee de la Societe des Missions Etrageres mort pour la Foi a Seoul(Coree) ,le 8 mars 1866/1923

hard cover,8 vo. 359 pages. A study on Mgr. Pierre-Henri Dorie martyred in Korea 8 March,1866 for the faith.It is the story of the life of a vicar of the roman catholic church who lived in Korea and died there in 1866. The book also report his letters in which he was talking about what he could observe there : religiously wise but also way of life, customs etc...
J.M.Bouquet Lucon-Impremerie S.Pacteau,France French

407 Fleurs des Martyrs au XIXe Siecle, Deuxieme Serie:COREE et Madure/1868

hard cover, 8 vo.230 pages. Primary source on Catholic missions from France in Korea in 19th century.extremely rare source .
A.S.de Doncourt Librairie de J.Leport,Paris/Lille French

406 Vie de Just de Breteniers Missionarire Apostolique martyrise en COREE en 1866/1926

paperback,8 vo. 347 pages. A classic of Catholic missionary stories. A superb biography of the life of Just de Bretenieres from birth in France in 1829, early childhood, boyhood and entrance to the seminary at Issy, the foreign mission seminary, his ordination. The very long voyage to Asia, via Ceylon, Malacca, Singapore, Saigon, Hong Kong, Canton, Manchuria and finally Korea. He spent the first winter in Manchuria and began the study of Korean. In 1865 his work begain in Korea as a missioner, worked with Father Paik Chen Fou. Comlaints about the horrible pirates and murderers, many were beheaded by the authorities. Revolution was sweeping across Korea, the persecution and martyrdom of Christian was common and his friend, Father Paik was among the first to be tortured and beheaded. All foreign missioners Bishop Berneux, Father de Bretenieres, Father Beaulieu and Father Dorie were put to death that day in 1881. Each placed in a charir, arms & legs tied, hair pulled back by strings to the chair.Before each man's head hung a plackard REBELLIOUS, DISOBEDIENT, CONDEMNED TO DIE AFTER BEING TORTURED. The curious crowds gathered to see the priests put to death in the Seoul arena. A fascinating story, well written. Also covers his work in Taikou with choir boys. In Quelpaert his work with Corean children, and as Bishop of Seoul. He contributed some 21 years of his life to improving the life of Koreans.
M.D'Hulst J.De Giford,Editeurs,Paris French

366 Gottes Wege,Ein Blick in die koreanische Missionsgeschichte/1917

paperback,47 pages. Primary study on catholic mission in Korea in 1910' Author of "Im Lande der Morgenstille"(1915) :In den Diamantbergen Koreas"(1927)
Norbert Weber Missionsverlag St.Ottilien,Germany German


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