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Vie de Just de Breteniers Missionarire Apostolique martyrise en COREE en 1866

paperback,8 vo. 347 pages. A classic of Catholic missionary stories. A superb biography of the life of Just de Bretenieres from birth in France in 1829, early childhood, boyhood and entrance to the seminary at Issy, the foreign mission seminary, his ordination. The very long voyage to Asia, via Ceylon, Malacca, Singapore, Saigon, Hong Kong, Canton, Manchuria and finally Korea. He spent the first winter in Manchuria and began the study of Korean. In 1865 his work begain in Korea as a missioner, worked with Father Paik Chen Fou. Comlaints about the horrible pirates and murderers, many were beheaded by the authorities. Revolution was sweeping across Korea, the persecution and martyrdom of Christian was common and his friend, Father Paik was among the first to be tortured and beheaded. All foreign missioners Bishop Berneux, Father de Bretenieres, Father Beaulieu and Father Dorie were put to death that day in 1881. Each placed in a charir, arms & legs tied, hair pulled back by strings to the chair.Before each man's head hung a plackard REBELLIOUS, DISOBEDIENT, CONDEMNED TO DIE AFTER BEING TORTURED. The curious crowds gathered to see the priests put to death in the Seoul arena. A fascinating story, well written. Also covers his work in Taikou with choir boys. In Quelpaert his work with Corean children, and as Bishop of Seoul. He contributed some 21 years of his life to improving the life of Koreans.

  PublisherJ.De Giford,Editeurs,Paris

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