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339 La Coree par un missionnaire/1895

paperback,192 pages ,illustrated from sketches. 1- The country and the Coreans geography, climat, productions, different kind of Coreans, the government, the king, pinces, ministers, army, life in Corea, houses, food, founitures, clothes, instruction, religions, mariage, children, respect for the parents, fests, games, industry and business 2- Relations of Corea with other countries Expeditions, Chinese, Russians, Japaneses, wars, nogociations with the United States and European countries. 3- Catholicism in Corea The first catholics, Father Tsiou, Persecutions, Martyrs, Kim Koummi, Mgr Bruguieres, Corean Martyrs, Mgr Ridel, Mgr Mutel, etc Sincerely.
Societe de Saint-Augustin .Desclee,de Brouwer etCie.Paris French

337 Un Martyr en COREE vie de Michel-Alexandre Petitnicolas./1873

hard cover, 8vo.190 pages. Study on the Michel-Alexandre Petitnicolas,Catholic mission martyred March 12,1866 in Korea.
M.L'abbe Benard Tours Alfred Mame et Fils,editeurs,Paris French

336 The Curch in Corea/1915

hard cover, 8vo.132 pages.1915 first edition. Illustrated with photographs. Contents: 1) Corea ,The Land and the People. 2) English Church Mission to Corea :History ,1889-1910 3) English Church Mission to Corea:Present state and future prospects. 4)Other Christian Missions in Corea.
Mark Napier Trollope,D.D. A.R.Mowbray & Co.,Ltd. London English

329 Choix des Lettres Edifiantes Tom 3,ecretes des Missions Etrangres precede De Tableaux Geographiques,Historiques,Politiques,Religieux et Letteratures des pays de Mission. (tom Troisieme) /1838

hard cover. 8vo.575 pages. Catholic mission report on Tartary ,Corea ,Tonkin,Cochin China and Siam. Korea section: from page 347 to page 371.
. Publie par la Societe Nationale,Bruxelles French

328 LA COREE par un Missionnaire/1895

hard cover,192 pages. 8vo. First and only edition. Primary source on Korea and catholicism in Korea in the 19th century.
Societe de Saint-Augustin Desclee,de Brouwer et Cie French

313 Histoire de L'eglise de Coree/1874

paperback, 2 volumes. first edition. Voulme 1 :595 pages Volume 2 :383 pages. A 192 p. introduction in voume 1 is devoted to a general historical,sociological and economical study of Korea which is still valuable. The major portion of the work describes the activities of the French missionaries and Korean converts during the 18th and 19th centuries .Because the French were active at such early date in Korea and also because Dallet's sources are primaily the writings of the French Fathers in Korea,these two volumes are of great interest and importance(Annotation is based on KOREA,The Library of Congress,1950)
Ch.Dallet Librairie Victor Palme ,Editeur,Paris French

308 Korea/1938

small booklet. 32 pages.soft cover.In Dutch. Covers general guide on Catholicism in Korea.
M.Bogmans,m.s.f. Xaveriana ,Leuven,Netherland Others

288 Mgr RIDEL Eveque de Philippopolis Vicaire apostolique de COREE d'apree SA CORRESPONDENCE/1886

paperback,382 pages plus a map.A useful study on Mgr.RIDEL( Born in Nantes (France), Mgr Ridel went to Korea in 1860, when he was only 30 years old. Since 1778, Catholic missonaries were persecuted. Better known in Korea with his Korean name (bishop Ni), he devoted all his life to Korea, and wrote a Korean-French Dictionary and a Korean Grammar. He died in 1884. His travels in the area and all the letters that he wrote give a precious information about how was the deep Korea at that time.)
L'abbe Arthur Piacentini(Professeur au college Saint-Stanislas (Nante)) Librairie Generale Catholique et Classique,Lyon French

287 Katholischer Missions-Atlas/1884

hard cover. Several tables and 20 printed color maps related to Catholic Missions in the second half of 19th century.
O.Werner ,S.J. Freiburg im Breisgan Herder'sche Verlagschandlung German

281 Les Soixante-Dix-Neue BIENHEUREUX/1925

33 pages. Report on the Martyrs of French Catholic Missions headed in 19th century in Korea. Numerous Illustrations.
Societe de Missions-Etrangeres Seminare des Missions-Etrangeres French

271 Les Missions Catholiques Francaises au 19e Siecle.(Volume 3 of 6 volumes)/1902

paperback,506 pages.Illustrated from numerous b/w photographs. Overview of French Catholic Missions in 19th century in China,Thibet,Manchuria,Korea and Japan. Korea section:from page 585 to 416.
Pre.J.B.Piolet Libraire D'Education A.Hatier,Paris French

251 The Maryknoll Movement/1926

hard cover,167 pages. 8 vo.First edition. Illustrated from photographs. A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the School of Philosophy of the Catholic University of America in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts. Korea section: from page 122 to 133.: 1: Prepatory Siminars of Maryknoll-in-China.Students for Priesthood in Maryknoll-in-korea. 2: The Maryknoll Mission in Korea. 3: Visit of the Apostolic Delegate to Pengyang ,Korea 4. A Maryknoll Missioner and His Parochial School ,Korea. Maryknoll Sisters on a Mission Journey,Korea.
Reverend George C.Powers Catholic Foreign Mission Society,New York English

247 Bernard-Louis Beaulieu Pretre de la Societe des Missions Etrangeres Mort pour la foi En COREE ,le 8 Mars 1866 vie et correspondances./1894

paperback,646 pages. A study on Mgr.Bernard-Louis Beaulieu martyred in Korea 8 March,1866 for the faith.It is the story of the life of a vicar of the roman catholic church who lived in Korea and died there in 1866. The book also report his letters in which he was talking about what he could observe there : religiously wise but also way of life, customs etc...
L'abbe P.G.Deydou Chez MM ,Feret,Editeurs French

219 Schicksal in Korea/1950

paperback,127 pages. Illustrated from photographs.ca. 1950. A useful study on general situation of Korea and catholic mission work in Korea.
Benediktiner-Missionare Berichten .. German

185 Petis Atlas des Missions Catholiques/1928

hard cover,231 pages. Illustrated from photographs .map Supplies vast information on roman-catholic labour of all congregations involved, including statistical information on the progress of conversions all over the world: Europe(small section), Asia(Indonesia, Malaysia, India, French-Indochina, Japan, China,Korea etc..), Africa, the Americas and Oceania.
Mgr.A Boucher Librairie A.Hatier,paris French

175 Now Welcome Summer/1948

hard cover,255 pages. Autobiography of Fr. Herlihy, a catholic missionary in Korea who tells of the people & local conditions. He also talks on the arrival of the Japanese. A useful primary source.
Francis Herlihy Clonmore & Reynolds Ltd,Dublin English

170 Les Martyrs de L'extreme Orient ou les 94 Serviteurs de Dieu mis a mort pou la foi EN COREE,EN COCHINCHINE,AU TONG-KIN/1859

soft cover,225 pages. A study on the 94 missionaries martyered for the faith in the Far East from the earliest times to the first half of 19th century. Contents: Chapter 1: Histoire des martyrs de Coree.(from page 27 to 156) Chapter 2:Histoire des martyrs de la Cochinchine. Chapter 3:Histoire des martyrs du Tongking. Chapter 4:Histoire des martyrs de la Chine.
M. L'abbe Th.W...Des Missions Etrangeres Jacques Lecoffre et Cie,Libraires,Paris French

106 Observations in the Orient by a Maryknoller/1919

hard cover,323 pages.Illustrated from photographs. The account of a journey to Catholic mission fields in Japan, Korea, Manchuria, China, Indo-China, and the Philippines, by the Superior of Maryknoll, frontispiece and 79 other illustrations.
James A.Walsh(Superior of Maryknoll) Catholic Foreign Mission Societry of America,New York English

96 Au Pays de Chosen/1911

paperback,60 pages. A study on Catholicism in Korea at the early beginning of 20th Century.
Joseph Cadars Angers J.Siraudeau,editeur French

78 Die Koreanischen Bruder/1926

hard cover,101 pages.b/w illustrations. Story of Korean Borthers being Christian at the beginning of the 20th Century.
Joseph Spillmann S.J. . German

77 Mark Napier Trollope Bishop in Corea ,1911-1930/1936

hard cover,187 pages. 1936 first and only edition. Illustrated from photographs. An attempt has been made to let Bishop Mark as he was known in Korea, tell his story in his own words.
Constance Trollope Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge,London English

48 A Maryr of our Own Day/1907

hard cover,222 pages. A study on the Life and Letters of Just de Bretenieres martyred in Corea, March 8,1866 (Biography of a French Catholic seminarian who spent two years as a missionary in Korea before being imprisoned & beheaded at the age of 28 alongside other missionaries)
Rev.John J.Dunn Society for the Propagation of the Faith New York English

47 Die Heilige Weide/1928

hard cover,221 pages. Fiction; a story based on the experiences of Weber's missionary work in Korea. It supplements Weber's other work 'Im Lande der Morgenstille(Author was in Korea 1911 .Sketch of American Gold Mines at Wonsa.Sympatheic to Koreans.Description of catholic missions in KOREA'.
Norbert Weber Missionsverlag St.Ottilien,Oberbayerm German

46 The Catholic Church in KOREA/1924

paperback.106 pages. illustrated from numerous photos. 4 charts. This scholarly study is divided into four major periods: 1784-1831 the Introduction of Christianity into Korea and the First Persecution. Bloody Persecutions, Martyrs 1839-1866. Church of Korea goes out of the Catacombs 1867-1911. Church of Korea becomes organized, several ecclesiastical divisions are made, Vicariate Apostolic of Seoul, Taikou, Wonsan, Pyeng-Yang, with statistics for 1923. A useful church history and reference.
Paris Foreign Mission Society Nazareth Printing Press,Hongkong English

30 For the Faith,Lif of Just de Bretenieres./1918

hard cover,179 pages. illustrated from photographs. first edition. A study on the Life of Just de Bretenieres martyred in Korea in Match 8,1866.
Florence Gilmore Catholic Foreign Mission Society, Nwe York English

29 The New Glories of The Catholic Church/1861

hard cover,331 pages.1861 second edition(first edition was published in 1859) translated from the Italian by the Fathers of the London Oratory at the request of the Cardinal Archibishop of Westminster with a preface by his Eminence Cardinal Wiseman.Published with the approbation of the Most Reverend,the Archhbishop of Baltimore.from page 17 to 170 cover Corea. From page 171 to 331 cover China. A Good record on 60 Koreans(Roman Catholic Christians) martyred for the Faith in 1839 in Korea.
.. John Murphy & Co.Baltimore English

24 Le Catholicisme en COREE/1924

paperback.111 pages. illustrated with phtographs.folding map.and 4 charts. 1924 first and only edition.A short history of the country, and a detailed account of the development of the institutions of the Catholic Church there; details on revenue and baptisms included; the folding charts show the growth of the church symbolized in a tree, and a time line.
Spciete des Missions- Etrangeres de Paris Imprimerie de la Societe des Missions-Etrangeres/Hongkong French

21 Annals of the Propagation of the Faith. A Periodical Collection of Letters from the bishops and missioners employed in the missions of the old and new world,and of all the documents relating to those missions,and to the institution for the propagation of the faith. Vol.17-January,1854- no. 97./1854

hard cover,820 pages. Collections of the documents and reports from the Catholic missionaries in foreign lands including Corean Mission(Letter of the Rev.Mr. Daveluy ,Member of the Congregation of Foreign Missions,to the Rev.Barran,Superior of the Seminary of the Foreign Missions at Paris: English version of the French translation from a Letter in Latin by the Rev.Father Tshoez,A Corean Priest,to rev. Mr.Legregeois,Director in the Seminary of Foreign Missions at Paris:from page 1 to 13 page / from page 336 to342 page etc.)
Published for the Central Committee of the Association for Ireland,Dublin .. English

20 Annals of the Propagation of the Faith/ A Periodical Collection/ of Letters from the bishops and Missionaries employed in the Missions of the old and new world,and all the documents relating to those missions and institution for propagation of the faith./Vol.2,January 1839 No.7./1839

hard cover,641 pages. Collections of the reports and documents related to the Foreign Missionaries of the Catholic Church including Mission of Corea (letter of Mr.Maubant ,Apostolic Missionary in Corea,to the Directors of the Seminary of Foreign Mission: from page 274 to page.309) etc.
Published for the Institution,Paris. .. English

3 Le Serviteur de Dieu. Simeon-Francois Berneux. Des Missions Etrangeres de Paris Eveque de capse.Martyr en Coree(1814-1866)/1937

Paperback,181 pages . Rare work about persecution of Christians in Korea in the middle of the 19th century. With 2 plates.
Francis Trochu La Bonne Presse,Paris French

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