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577 Oriental Culinary Art/1933

Hard cover, 8 vo.115 pages.first edition.An autehtic book of recipes from China,Korea ,Japan and the Philippines.Very rare books on Oriental recipes including Korean cuisines. Bound oriental style with text (in English ) running from back to front.
George I. Kwon Wetzel Publishing Co.,Inc. English

562 Korean Recipes/1945

Paperback,91 pages. Third edition.Dedicated to The Education of Korean Women.Illustrated with black and white photographs.
Harriett Morris Cooperative Recreation Service Delaware,Ohio English

421 Hawaiian and Pacific Foods/1940

hard cover, 8vo.286 pages. first edition.illustrated with b/w photographs and sketches of foods. A Book introducing various foods from many countries including Hawaiian, Samoan, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Filipino Foods and Food Customs. Also includes Chart of Foods Commonly Used, Chart of Cooking Methods, Appendix (References), and Index. Korea section:from page 70 to page 75.
Katherine Bazore M.Barrows and Company,New York English

120 The Art of Korean Cooking/1959

paperback,104 pages. illusrations.
Harriett Morris Charles E.Tuttle Company,Tokyo English


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