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642 Catalogus der Muten en Alumenten van Amuleten van CHINA,JAPAN,COREA en ANNAM /1904

hardcover, 8 vo.227 pages. First edition. General overview of the currency system and coinages of the China ,Japan,Corea and Vietnam. Korea section: From page 133 to page 176.
H.N.Stuart S Gravenhage M.Nijhoff,Netherlands Others

563 REPORT on Currency Adjustment in KOREA /1911

hardcover, 8 vo.cloth.116 pages.First edition. Contents: 1) History of Currency System of Korea from the earliest times. 2)Monetary Condition prior to the Commencement of the Currency Adjustment 3)General Features of the Proposed Currency Adjustment 4)Adjustment of the Old Nickel Coin 5)Adhustment of Yopchon and other Old Coins 6)Bank Note 7)New Coins 8)Japanese Currency 9)Disposition of Old Coins withdrawn 10.Economic Effects of Currency Adjustment. Very rare source on Old Korean Currency system
The Dai Ichi Ginko,Ltd.Tokyo,Japan . English

461 Banking Reform in South Korea/1951

paperback, 8vo.107 pages. first edition. Chapter 1: The Political Setting Chapter 2: General Developements in South Korea 1945-50. Chapter 3:Monetary and Financial Developments in South Korea 1945-50. Chapter 4: Recommendations regarding Central Banking Reform in South Korea Chapter 5: Recommendations regarding Reform of other South Korean Financial Institutions. Appendix 1: An Act Eastablishing the Bank of Korea Appendix 2: General Banking Act. Appendix 3: A Note on the South Korean Currency. very rare source on Economy of Korea.
Arthur I. Bloomfield and John P. Jensen Federal Reserve Bank of new York English

367 Economic History of Chosen/1921

hard cover,cloth,266 pages. illustrated from black and white photographs . map in color.Complied in Commemoration of the Decennial of the Bank of Chosen. Covering the ten years since the establishment of the Bank of Chosen. Addressing the economic reconstruction of Chosen, currency reform, central bank system, monetary organs. Econ-omic development of Chosen, fishery, forestry, mining, manufacturing industry. Development of commerce & trade, financial banking, growth of the Bank of Chosen and the part played by it in Manchuria and Chosen's economic development.
Bank of Chosen . English

298 Veranderung der wirtschaftgeographischen Beziehungen in Korea under dem EinfluB der ErschlieBung ./1932

paperback,134 pages. Doctoral Dissertation tracing changes in economic growth in relation to its geography and developing infrastructure.
Johannes Christiean Linke aus Planitz German

111 Korea Today/1950

hard cover,372 pages. First comprehenisve study of Korea since its liberation and division. Institute of Pacific Relations Book with collaboration of Arthur L. Grey, Jr.
George M.McCune Harvard University Press,Cambridge English

107 Modern Korea/1944

hard cover,330 pages. 1944 first and only edition. Thesis(Ph.D)-Columbia University.Published without thesis note. Although the author surveys modern Korea under the Japanese and gives a sketchey historical and geographical setting, the emphasis is upon the economic aspects of the Japanese administration. Grajdanzev,using Japanese Statistics,concludes that there was general retrogression of Korean economy rather than progress. Synthesized with the discussions are critiques of the various studies,reports and descriptions of Korea.Several chapters analyze education,health and welfare under Japanse administration.Four appendices give statistics for population and various economic data. A fifth gives Korean equivalents for Japanese geographical names. (Annotation is based on KOREA,Library of Congress,1950)
Andrew J.Grajdanzev The John Day Company English

84 Report on Economic and Commercial Conditions in Japan with Annexes on Economic Conditions in Korea,Formosa and Japanese mainland territory./1936

paperback137 pages. Korea section:from page 91 to 103.
The Government of the United Kingdom His Majesty's Stationary Office,London English

31 The New Korea/1926

hard cover,354 pages. A political and economy survey of Korea .Favorable to Japanese admistration. (Annotation is based on KOREA,Library of Congress,1950) Covering Korea's position in Far Eastern affairs, annexation by Japan, self-rule and dependent rule contrasted, historical commentaries on the country. Relations between Japan and Korea, Govenor General Saito, new spirit, material progress. Laws & courts of Korea, police & prison, government finance, education, medical, sanitary & social service, economic dev-elopment, commerce, banking, manufactures etc ...useful study.9 Appendices: Treaty of Annexation, Imperial Rescript on Annexation, The Late Korean Emperor's Rescript on Cession of Sovereignty. Imperial Rescript Concerning the Reorganizat-ion of the Government-General of Chosen.
Alleyne Ireland E.P.Dutton & Company,New York English


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