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781 Orientalische Bibliographie 18 volumes (1888- 1909) /1888

hard cover, 8vo. 300 to 400 pages per volume. 18 volumes from 26 volumes in all published from 1888 to 1909. Bibliography on the Occidental Lietratures and Publications including Korea,China,Japan. etc.etc.
August Muller/Dr.Lucian Scherman Verlag von Reuter & Reichard,Berlin German

779 Corean Books and Their Authors being An Introduction./1932

One of the Original Typed Manuscripts .63 pages.... Korean Literature since Koryu Dynasty (10th Century) with index of Korean authors in English,Korean and Chinese.
Bishop Trollope Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.Korea Branch English

756 KOREA,A Preliminary Bibliography. /1950

paperback, 4to. 107 pages.This preliminary bibliography represents the immediately avaibale and significant references which provide information about the land,the people and the developement of KOREA(Preface)
The Library of Congress Refence Department,Washington . English

755 KOREA An Annotated Bibliography of Publications in the Russian Language . /1950

paperback, 4 to.84 pages.First edition.This preliminary bibliography represents the immediately available and significant references which provide information about the land,the people and the developement of KOREA(Preface)
The Library of Congress Reference Department,Washington . English

622 Bibliography of the Japanese Empire: Being a Classified List of All Books, Essay and Maps in European Languages from 1859-1906.(reprinted in 1998) /1998

hard cover, 8 vo.338, 62, 486 & 21 pages.Two vols bound in one.Voulme one was originally published in 1895 in Ledein,Netherland and Volume 2 was published in 1907 in Tokyo.This important bibliography is a classified list of all books, essays and maps in European languages relating to Japan published in Europe, America and the East from 1859 to 93. The first volume covers from 1859 to 1893 and the second volume covers from 1894 to 1906. This is the most comprehensive bibliography of early printed matter on Japan with over 16,000 titles listed.
Wenckstern, Von Friedrich Martino Publishing (Mansfield Centre, CT, U.S.A.) English

602 Bibliography of the Japanese Empire 1906-1926 /1928

Hard cover, cloth. 8 vo.First edition. 832 pages in 2 Voumes. Being a classified list of the publications on Japan and Korea issued in European languages since the publication of Fr.von Wenckstern's " Bibliography of the Japanese Empire" up to the year 1926.In all 9575 printed items are listed. This bibliography brings together works dealing with Japan including Korea in a wide variety of subjects, primarily in the German, English and French languages, as well as Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, the Scandinavian language, and Russian.Entries for books give author, title, place and year of publication, publisher, number of pages and illustrations, and where practicable indication of prices and bibliographical data.
Oskar Nachod Edward Goldston,London English

593 Bibliography of the Japanese Empire (including Korea) Volume 2./1907

Hardcover, cloth,first edition. 486, [2], 28, 21, [2] pp.Being a Classified List of the Literature in European Language relating to DAI NIHON(Great Japan) published in Europe,America and in the East .Volum2 only. comprising the literature from 1894 to the middle of 1906 with additions and corrections to the First Volume(Vlome 1) and Supplement to" Leon Pages Bibliographie Japonaise " complied by Fr.Von Wencketren.
Wenckstern MaruzenKabushiki Kaisa,Tokyo English

561 Bibliotheca Sinica / Dictionnaire Biblopgraphique des ouvrages relatifs a L'empire Chinos (Tome Premier,Tome Second ) /1881/1883/1881

Hard cover, 8 vo. 1408 pages .First edition.(Volume 1 published in1881 and Volume 2 published in 1883 only) A classified bibliography of books and articles in European languages on all fields of Chinese studies. A pioneer and still standard reference work." - Walford. Concentrates on 19th century studies. Arranged in 5 parts, of which the first deals with China as a whole and occupies the first two and a half volumes. The remaining parts cover foreigners in China; relations between China and foreigners; the Chinese in foreign countries; and tributary countries of China. Consisting of 4428 columns of entries, listing thousands of books on China, Tibet, Ryu- Kyu Islands, Corea, Mongolia, Manchuria, Tartary &c. This work organizes the books into genera l subject categories: geographie, names, ethnography, climate, natural history, population, government, jurisprudence, history, religion, missionary work, sciences & art, language & literature, cus- toms, voyages, travels, commerce, ports, commerce &c. A most valuable reference book, indespensible tool for any student of Chinese art, culture, history etc.
Henri CORDIER Ernest Leroux Editeur,Paris French

392 Select List of Books relating to the FAR EAST/1904

hard cover,74 pages. first edition. This List deals with the later conditions in the Far East. The political and economic aspects are the special subjects dealth with in relation to Russia, Tibet, Japan, Korea, China, American and Europe. Content: Russia:History ,Plitics,etc./Russian Expansion/Trans-Siberian Railroad/Tibet/Manchuria/Japan/KOREA(from page 35 to 39)/Russo-Japanese Relations/Far East American Relations/Far East European Relations/Anglo-Russian Relations/China/Author Index
Library of Congress Government Printing Office,Washington English

316 Korea/1950

paperback,155 pages. first edition An Annotated Bibliography of Publications in Western Languages printed before 1950.
The Library of Congress ,Reference Department Washington English

291 BIBLIOGRAPHIE COREENNE Tableay Litterarie de la Coree/1894

Volume 1: 499 pages(1894) Volume 2: 539 pages(1895) Volume 3: 466 pages plus Index(152 page) (1896) Supplement:122 pages (1901 ) 39 plates and maps. ,all paperback.First edition. 3,240 titles,closely classified under 9 main headings; with indexes of titles,persons and places.Many extracts and quotations ,critical and bibliographical notes.Extremely rare material on Korea. (Annotation is based on KOREA,Library of Congress,1950)
Maurice Courant Ernest Leroux Editeur,Paris French

181 East Asia China Korea Japan 1947-50/1958

hard cover,745 pages. Select Document on Asian Affairs Issued under the auspices of the Indian Council of World Affairs.
Vidya Prakash Dutt(editor) Oxford University Press English

42 Supplement a La Bibliograhie Coreenne( Jusquen 1899)/1901

hard cover,122 pages. supplement to the Bibliographie Coreenne in French publisehd in 1894-1896 in Paris.
Maurice Courant Imprimerie Nationale,Paris French

9 KOREA An Annotated Bibliography of Publications in Far Eastern Languages/1950

Paperback.167 pages. Bibliography of 528 materials on Korea published in Far Eastern Languages before September,1950. Contents: Introduction/Bibliographies/General/Handbook/ Guidebooks/and Yearbooks/Description and Travel/Geology and Natural History/ History General (Including history before annexation by Japan 1910) Japanese Administration(1910-1945) INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT(1910-1945) Bibliography Politics and Government(1945-1950) Agust 1945-August 1948(From the Surrender of Japan to the Establishment of Republic of Korea) Agust 1948-June 1950(From the Eastablishment of Republic of Korea to the Outbreak of Korean War) Economic Conditions/Social Conditions/ Language and Literature/Art and ARchaeology/ Periodicals Maps and Charts Index
The Library of Congress Reference Department The Library of Congress English

8 KOREA An Annotated Bibliography of Publications in the Russian Language/1950

paperback.84 pages including index(19 pages). Bibliography of 436 materials in Russian on Korea printed before August 1950. Foreword/Introduction/Abbreviations and Symbols/Bibliographies and Index/ General Works/Description and Travel/Geology/History/Politics and Government/ Economic Conditions/Social Conditions/Language and Literature/Science and Technology/Military Affairs/Periodicals /Index.
The Library of Congres Reference Department The Library of Congress English


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