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342 Memoirs of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko(The Oriental Libray) No.5/1930

paperback,172 pages. An academic research of The Oriental Libray in Tokyo. Tables of Contents: 1)Kurakichi Shiratori: On the territoty of the Hsiung-nu Prince Hsiu-t'u and His Metal Status for Heaven-Worship(from page 1 to page 96) 2) Hiroshi Ikeuchi: A Study on Lo-lang and tai-fang ,Ancient Chinese Prefecture in Korean Peninsula(from page 79 to page 97) 3)Hiroshi Ikeuchi: A Study of the Su-shen(from page 97 to page 164) 4)Ryuzo Torii: Les Dolmens de Chan-toung(Chine) (from page 165 to page 169)
The Toyo Bunko,Tokyo Sanshusha Press,Tokyo English

215 The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan December 1929/1929

hard cover,149 pages. Korean section: An Outline of Recent Japanese Archaeological Research in Korea,in its Bearing Upon Early Japanese History by G.B.Sansom,C.M.G.(from page 5 to 19)
Asiatic Society of Japan The Kyo Bun Kwan English

204 The Dolmens and Burial Mounds in Japan/1897

125 pages.(from page 439 to 524). with photographs and illustrations. A study on dolmens and burial mounds in Japan including some account on dolmens in Korea.
W.Gowland .. English


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