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717 The Evolution of Modern Printing and the Discovery of Movalble Metal Type by the Chinese and Korean in the Fourteen Century. /1931

31 pages.
Judson Daland Journal of the Franklin Insitute English

633 Diseases of CHINA including Formosa and Korea/1911

hardcover, 8 vo.716 pages.First American Edition.Written by W. Hamilton Jefferys and James L. Maxwell and published by P. Blakiston¡¯s Sons & Co. Philadelphia, this apparent 1st American ED includes ¡°5 colored plates,11 Noso-geographical plates. and 360 illustrations in the text.¡± (The original, English Edition was published by James Bale, London, in 1910.)
W.Hamilton Jeffreys.A.M.M.D.University of Pennsylvania P.Blakiston's Son & Co.Philadelphia English

572 The KEIJO Journal of Medicine 1936 & 1937(Volume 7 .No. Volume 8.No.

Hardcover, cloth .8 vo. Volume 7 No.1-No.4(1936): 656 pages /Volume 8.No.1-No.4(1937) :`581 pages. The issues for the years of 1936 and 1937. The original covers for each issue are bound together at the back of the book.
The Medical Facaulty ,The Keijo Imperial University,Keijo,Chosen . English

522 Battle Casulalties in Korea(Studies of the Surgical Research Team,Volume 4,1955)/1955

paperback 8 vo.307 pages. ca.1955. Volume 4: Post-Traunmatic Renal Insuffiency.
Army Medical Service Graduate School,Walter Reed Army Medical Center,Wasjhington,D.C. . English

521 Smithsonian Contributions to Astrophysics volume 2,number 6.(Ancient Novae and Meteor Showers./1958

paperback,45 pages. Korea section:Historical Recirds of metor Showers in China ,Korea and Japan by Susumu Imoto and Ichiro Hasegawa(from pages 131 to 144.
Smithsonian Institutions Astrophysical Observatory . English

93 A Study on the Ancient Ships of Japan Part 2./1918

paperback,48 pages .illustrated from photographs. A study of ancient ships of Japan and Korea. Korea section: from page 16 to 29. Korean Legends connected with the Gourd 1:Hak-ko-syoi Pak 2:Koa-Kong 3:Tal-hai Chyak.
Shinji Nishimura The Society of Naval Architects,Tokyo English

73 Ancient Rafts of Japan/1925

hard cover,181 pages. Illustrated from photographs. A study of ancient ships of Japan and Korea. Contents: Section 1: The Ame-no Uki-Hashi,or Floating-Bridge Heaven Section 2;The Unki-Takera,or Floating-Treasure including Korean Raft-Boats and manchurian rafts. Section 3:The Ashi-Bune,or the Reed-Canoe including The Korean Ree-d-Canoe in the Most Form. With 67 illustrations and 25 plates.
Shinji Nishimura(Professor of Ancient History of Japan,Waseda University) The Waseda University Press,Tokyo English

68 Epidemiology of the Diseases of naval Importance in Korea/1946

paperback,89 pages. Chapter 1: Enteric diseases Chapter 2: Filariasis and Elephantiasis Chapter 3: Malaria Chapter 4:Typhus,Relapsis Fever and other Arthropodborne diseases. Chapter 5:Acute Infectious diseases Chapter 6: Chronic diseases Chapter 7:Venereal diseases Chapter 8:Helminthiases Chapter 9:Intestinal protozoa Chapter 10: Arthropods of medical importance Chapter 11: Other animals of medical importance.
Tsai-Yu Hsiao Bereau of Medicine and Surgery,navy Department English


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