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770 Democray and Mission Education in Korea/1928

Hardcover, 8vo. First edition. 187 pages.
James Earnest Fisher,Ph.D. Teachers College,Columbia University English


2 letters written by John Z. Moore, a Missionary in Korea. Mr. Moore was part of a contingent of Missionaries of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Moore, I believe, was from St. Clairsville, Ohio. One letter is dated 1907, uses 6 pages, and addressed to Miss Frost. Writer mentions what looks like Basking Ridge, and tells about how his Church and Bible work is going in Korea. I can't make out the city in which this letter was written. The second letter was typewritten at Pyeng Yang, Korea, January 1, 1908. Some of the type has faded, but is still readable, especially for someone with better eyes than mine. 3 pages of this New years Day written letter are typed and there is a manuscript letter on the last page. The typed letter was addressed "Dear Friends" and the manuscript addressed "My Dear Miss Frost". One thing this letter mentions is how much progress has been made since he arrived in Korea 3 years ago, and how much is yet to be done and accomplished. The paper on which this letter is written has rough top edges, age yellowing and staining and the aforementioned fading type. There are no covers, or envelopes, with the letters.
MOORE JOHN Z. . English

739 Korea The Hermit Nation and Its Response to Christianity/1932

hard cover, 123 pages.
T.Stanley Sotau World Dominion Press,New York English

729 Christ Comes to the Village (A Study of Rural Life in Non-Christian Lands) /1931

187 pages. first edition. Korea section: 20 pages illustrated with several b/w photos.
Elianor T.Calerlev,M.D etc. Mary Schauffler Platt English


hard cover,Bound volumes. 15 magazines of THE MORNING CALM. From No. 55, Vol. VI. January 1895. To No. 71, Vol. VIII. February 1897. Most of the articles are from Korea. Lots of information on Royal Navy going out to China Japan and Australia. H.M.S CRESCENT. H.M.S. ORLANDO.very rare source on KOREA published by The Anglican Church in London based on the bishop's letters from Korea

711 Inside Views of Mission Life/1913

hard cover,138 pages.first edition.Scarce source on the Missionary life of Annie L. A. Baird.Author was a missionary of the Presbyterian Church at Pyeng Yang, Korea.
Annie L. A. Baird The Westrerminster Press,Philadelphia English

704 On The Tail of A Korean Kite/1931

paperback. 64 pages. A Course of Study fro Mission Bands and Other Junior Organizations.
The Womans Missionary Society,Toronto The Womans Missionary Society,Toronto English

682 1936 Photo-illustrated Calendar /1936

Size:22x14cm...This is a unique and quite wonderful offering consisting of a 1936 photo-illustrated calendar outlining the missionary work of the Disciples of Christ in both Korea and Japan, plus a small brochure memorializing W.D. Cunningham, one of the denominations most celebrated missionaries who died in the U.S. in May of that year while home on furlough. A photo of him is tipped in inside. What's interesting is that the calendar talks about his good health the same year as his sudden death. Cunningham did contract polio during the early 1900's, however, and this kept the denomination from allowing him to evangelize overseas. So he and his wife went to Asia independently and were so successfull, thanks in part, to the printing press he took with him, that he ended up as head of the Japanese mission. The calendar is clealy a mission sponsored item tied at the top with string. But what makes it so fascinating is the wealth of information about both Cunningham and his wife, Emily, who carried on after his demise; and the missions in both Tokyo and Korea. Photos show native leaders, the buildings constructed, and several congregation activities. A unique item in church history. Note: The life of Cunningham is detailed in the book "The Flaming Torch" by Emily Blackstone Boyd Cunningham.
W.D. Cunningham . English

671 Twenty-Five Years of the CHOSEN Christian College 1915-1940./1940

paperback, small 8 vo. 24 pages. First and only edition.Illustrated with black and white photographs.Very Rare May 17th 1940 The Chosen Christian College Twenty Fifth Anniversary Booklet: 1915-1940 Prepared by E.M. Cable amd H.H. Underwood for Anniversary Committee. Printed by Y.M.C.A. Press Seoul ,Korea
M.C.Cable and H.H.Underwood Anniversary Committee.Printed by Y.M.C.A.Press,Seoul,Korea English

670 The Nevius Plan of Mission Work in Korea/1937

Hard cover, 8 vo.370 pages. first edition.Illustrated with numerous black and white photograhs.The Author was a Professor of Pastoral Theology and Religious Education in Presbyterian Theological Seminary ,Pyeng Yang,Korea.
Charles Allen Clark Christian Literature Society ,Seoul,Korea English

643 Typed letter dated October 4,1930 ,Seoul Chosen and signed by Harry A .Rhodes,the author of the History of the Korea Mission Presbyterian Church U.S.A. 1884-1934/1930

Typed letter signed by Harry A.Rhodes in 3 pages sent to the members of the Mission History and Excutive Committe and a few others in the Station in an effort to get a cross-section opinion of the Mission as to a Table of Contents for the proposed History of the Korea Mission Presbyterian Church U.S.A. 1884-1934.
Harry A.Rhodes . English

639 Underwood of Korea/1918

Hard cover, 8 vo. 350 pages. First edition. Illustrated with black and white photographs. An intimate record of the Life and Work of the Rev.Horace .G.Underwood ,D.D.LL.D., for thirty-one years a Missionary of the Presbyterian Board in Korea.
Lillias H.Underwood ,M.D. Fleming H.Revell Company,New York English

638 The Quarterly Review .Volume 18.October 1817 & May 1818/1818

hard cover, 8 vo. 554 pages. first edition. A Review of Hall's Book of 1818, Extensive Coverage of Loo-Choo Section]. Volume XVIII, October 1817 - May 1818, London, John Murray, printed by C. Roworth, 1818, large 12mo, 554 pp. "Hall's Account of the Loo-choo Islands" is reviewed in Issue 36, Article II, January 1818, at pages 308-324 (16 pages). This is a contemporaneous review of Basil Hall's book, "Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the Great Loo-Choo Island." The reviewer remarked that the main discovery of the voyage was the visit to Western Korea which ".had never, in fact, been seen by Europeans, though parts of the interior had been visited by some shipwrecked Dutchmen." The commentator notes the visit to Sulphur Island and the extended stay in Okinawa (Loo-choo). A majority of the commentary deals with Okinawa (Loo-choo) (pages 313-320). The commentary continues on to the call in St. Helena and the visit with the exiled Buonaparte.
John Muraay,Albemarle Street,London John Muraay,Albemarle Street,London English

637 Christianity in China, Tartary and Thibet in 2 volumes./1857

hardcover,12mo. volume 1: 358 pages. volume 2: 348 pages. first edition. Korea section:Father Schall appears in the book on pages 265-308 volume 2. His meeting with the King of Korea(Crown prince Sohyun of Yi Dynasty captured by Chinese government etc is dealt with on pages 304-308 volume 2.Crown Prince Sohyun (1612~1645),First son of King Injo of Yi Dynasty was taken with his younger brother(Prince Bolim)as hostage by the Chinese generals shortly after the Sino-Korean War in 1636. Crown prince Sohyun met Father Schall during his stay in China and became first Korean who met Christian in the History of Christianity in Korea.
Huc, M. L'Abbe D. & J. Sadlier, New York English

634 The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal Volume V.1874/1874

hardcover, 8 vo.376 pages.First edition. Korea section:VISIT TO COREAN GATE by Rev. John Ross. From page 347 to page 354. John Ross published First version of Bible in Korean language in 1882. Very rare source on the Christian History of Korea.
American Presbyterian Mission Press,Shanghai American Presbyterian Mission Press,Shanghai English

632 The Westminster Review Volume 16 (July 1834),Volume 17(October ,1834) Volume 22 (January and April ,1835)/1835

hard cover, 8 vo. 580 pages. Korea section: Journal of Three Voyages along the Coast of China,in 1831,1832 and 1833,with notices of Siam ,COREA and Loo-choo Islands, by Charles Gutzlaff from page 119 to page 135.
Theodore Foster ,New York Theodore Foster ,New York English

630 With Tommy Tompkins In Korea /1905

Hard cover, 8 vo.326 pages. First edition. Illustrated with black and white photographs. Narrative by an American Missionary covering Korea with sections on Japan and China. Descriptions of both the missionary and native peoples: birth, death, marriage, religion, holidays, and other customs of daily life.
L.H.Underwood,M.D. Fleming H.Revell Company,New York English


paperback. 34 pages.Booklet.From the foreword of the booklet, the school is a school for the children of American and British missionaries and businessmen living in Korea. This came from an estate of a family that lived in Korea at this time and there is a letter in the booklet to the owner of the estate saying that the school was not to have a first grade that next year and they could not accommodate him. The booklet covers the material etc.
Pyengyang Foreign School,PyoungYang ,Korea. . English

628 LIFE IN THE CUP/1917

hardcover, 8 vo.336 pages.Church of Christ in Corea Extention.
Malcolm C.Fenwick,W.S. Church of Christ in Corea Extension,Mesa Grande,California English

609 When The Spirit's Fire Swept KOREA/1943

papaberback, 8 vo. 31 pages.second edition. General overview of the situation of protestant mission in Korea during the Japanese rule in Korea.
Jonathan Goforth ,D.D. Zondervan Publishing House,Michigan English

607 Voyage of His Majesty's Ship ALCESTE, to China,Corea and the Island of Lewchew with an account of her Shipwreck/1817

hard cover, 8 vo. leather. first edition .Illustrated with 5 fine handcoloured aquatint plates. Account of the voyage of the Alceste which brought Lord Amherst to China to serve as ambassador, and specifically to negotiate the China trade, at the time a matter of dispute between China and Great Britain. McLeod, who was surgeon on the ship, describes the voyage out, the various calls in the East Indies, surveying off Korea, the visit to Okinawa, another to Manila, and the shipwreck off the coast of Sumatra and subsequent rescue from Malay pirates. This was one of the most popular travel books of its time, portraying the Far East to a much wider audience than had been reached by earlier accounts.The author of this book and Captain Basil Hall (Author of the book titled " Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the Great Loo-Choo Island" published in 1818 in London) had delivered the Bible to the Korean local governer(Mr.Cho,Dae Bok) during their vistit to Korea in 1816 for the first time in history of Korea.
John M'leod,M.D. John Murray,London English

603 Every-day Life in KOREA /1898

Hardcover, 8 vo.231 pages with a map. Illsutrated with black and white photographs.A collectionof Studies and Stories arranged by Rev.Daniel L.Gifford . Very rare source on the general overview of protestant mission in Korea in the second half of the 19th century.
Rev.Daniel L.Gifford(8 years a Missionary in Korea) Student Missionary Campaign Library,Chicago English

600 Democracy and Mission Education in Korea/1928

Hardcover,cloth .8 vo.187 pages.First Edition.Very rare source on the General survey of the situation of mission education problem in Korea under Japanese Empire.
James Earnest Fisher,Ph.D.Professor of Education ,Chosen Christian College Teachers College ,Columbia University English


Hard cover,cloth .8 vo. 315 pages plus 2 maps and nine illustrations. First edition...............................................................The book contains not only the general history of Korea but also very important subjects on early protestant history. It mentions Rev. Charles Gutzlaff, who visited Korea in 1832 spent about a month and even offered to present the king with a Bible, but declined. Also mentioned about John Ross and John McIntyre and their translation of the New Testament. This is the probably the earliest book mentioning Rijuite(Lee Soo Jung), who became a Christian in Japan and translated Scripures. And more detailed descriptions on opening to Christian missionaries.................................. 'There are Dutch, French and American graves in Corea. Wherever a fragment of our national treasures lie, our hearts should be; and the object of the editor of this work is to interest American readers, and especially American Christians, in what the French priests call "the land of martyrs". The journal of Hendrik Hamel, who in 1653, on his way to Nagasaki, Japan, was shipwrecked on Quelpaert Island, is herewith reprinted with explanatory notes. These, with introductory and supplementary historical chapters, will, the editor trusts, give the reader a bird's-eye glance of Corea past and present, and views from without and within' (introduction). 'Griffis's reputation during his lifetime was as an earnest, sincere friend of the Japanese, but he was not a sycophant.
GRIFFIS, William Elliot(Presbyterian Board of Publication) Westcott & Thomsons,Philada English

595 Open Door to KOREA/1958

paperback,8 vo.62 pages. First Edition. very rare source on Korea by Rev.Harold Voelkel,Missionary to Korea for 29 years. Contents: 1.The Living Church 2.Crisis 3.President Syngman Rhee's Own Story 4.Kim Pil-lay 5.Philip Suh 6.Han Kyung Chik
Harold Voelkel Zondenvan Publishing House,Michigan English

586 KOREA FROM ITS CAPITAL with a Chapter on Mission./1892

Hard cover, 8 vo. 328 pages. First edition. Illustrated with numerous b/w photographs. Very rare source on the first foreign missionary step in Korea by the Presbyterian Church in U.S.A.
Rev.George W.Gilmore,A.M. Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work.,Philadelphia English

585 SOO POKKI and IN SUNNY/1920

hard cover, 8 vo.cloth .59 pages.First and only edition. Illustrated with 8 B/W photographs. The story of the PAK family of Corea.Very rare source on Protestant Mission in Korea .
The Rev.W.N.Gurney(Late Missionary in Corea) The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts,Westerminster English

581 Twelve Little Pilgrims Who Stayed at Home./1902

Hard cover. 8 vo.271 pages.Illustrated with black and white photographs. Very Rare Sources on Protesntant Mission in the Asian countries (China/Japan/India /Korea) Korea section: from page 135 to page 151.
Lucy Jameson Scott Young Peoples Missionary Movement English

569 The Korea Digest 1936(being reports of the stations in brief)/1936

reports of station of the Presbyterian Church in Korea. 19 pages.first edition.
. In Pyengyang,Korea English

568 The Korea Mission Field(reprint)/1920

(reprinted in 1999)Yellow laminated wraps with black tape at spine. No date, no publisher. A series of articles collected from a missionary magazine published between the 1920s and the 1940's. 86 pages
Rev. Richard F. Wootton Ed . English

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