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696 Japan Diary. /1948

hard cover, 8 vo. 517 pages. First Edition. An eye-witness account of one of the greatest mass experiments on human beings that has ever been undertaken - the attempt of the United States to remake Japan in its own image. Korea section: from page 349 to page 485.
Mark Gayn William Sloane Associates,Inc.New York English

617 Chronicle and Directory 1891.China/ Japan /Corea/Hong Kong etc./1891

hard cover,cloth, 8 vo. 720 pages. Korea section:from page 67 to page 74. Very rare and important source for the study of foreign relation(political and commercial) at the second half of 19th century in the East. .Major Govermental organizations and agencies are listed in English and Chinese characters.
Daily Press ,Hong Kong Daily Press,Hong Kong English

573 First Pan-Pacific Press Conference ,Honolulu ,October 21,1921/1921

paperback,8 vo. 95 pages. First Edition. Pan-Pacific Union Program and Proceedings / First Pan-Pacific Press Conference. A Regional Section of The Press Congress of the World,Honolulu ,October 21,1921 held under the auspices of the pan-Pacific Union and called by Dr.Walter Williams ,President of the Press Congress of the World. Korea section: from page 69 to 70:The Newspaper in Korea by Dong Soo Kim ,The Dong-A Daily,Seoul,Korea..."History tells us that the Koreans invented the iron moveable types long before GUTENBERG ....."
Pan-Pacific Union . English

176 Syngman Rhee,The man Behind the Myth/1955

hard cover, cloth.379 pages. Illustrated from photographs in black and white.Biography of the South Korean leader after the Korean War. A rebel Japanese rule, Syngman Rhee became president of South Korea in 1948. The author served as an advisor to President Rhee in Korea, and to the Korean Commission and the Korean delegation to the United Nations in the United States.
Robert T.Oliver Dodd Mead and Company,New York English

123 The Seed from the East/1956

hard cover,252 pages. Illustrated from phtographs. Story of Harry Holt and his Adoption Program . They successfully place needy mixed race orphans from Korea, with families here in America. This book was at the start of the program that continues today from its base in Oregon.
Mrs.Harry Holt Printed in the United States English


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