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No. Image Title/Pub.Year Author Publisher Language
766 New York Times (Ausgust 15,1871) reporting combat between US Marine Corps and Korean Army in Korean territory./1871

8 pages complete newspaper.
New York Times New York Times English

765 Gravure d'un Coreen Costume COREE ca.1850 (17x26cm) /1850

Color illustraion from unknown French materials
. . French

748 The Maritime History of Russia /1949

hard cover, 8vo. first edition,544 pages. Korea section:from page 188 to page 193.
Mairin Mitchell Sidgwick & Jackson,London English

720 Storm og Sogang (Storm and Sogang)/1895

hard cover, 224 pages. First and only edition.Sailing story in the seas near Korea. Written in Norwegian.Very scarce.
Richard Melander John Anderson Publishing company,Chicago Others

707 Sailing Directions for Siberia and CHOSEN /1932

paperback 8 vo.first edition. 582 pages.
United States Navy Department United States Government Printing Office,Washington English

420 On the Coasts of CATHAY and CIPANGO forty years ago./1902

Hard cover, 8vo.353 pages. first and only edition. Numerous sketches ,plans and maps A Record of surveying service in the CHINA Yellow and JAPAN seas and on the Seaboard of KOREA and Manchuria. (To His Excellency The Marquis Hirobumi Ito G.C.B. four times Premier of Japan and a friend of Englnad since he first landed on the shores nearly forty ago this volume pf personal experiences on the Coasts of the Far East between 1857 and 1862 is with His Excellency's permission most repectfully dedicated by the Author) Extremely rare source on Korea.) Korea section: from page 160 to page 218 .
William Blakeney,R.N. Elliot Stock,London English

351 The National Geographic magazine ,September ,1934/1934

paperback,150 pages. 808 flags and Emblmes in color and 10 Additional Illustrations including the National Flag of Korea(Chosen) under Japanese rule.
The National geographic Society .. English

309 Flags of Maritime Nations/1882

hard cover,cloth. Flags of the Maritime Nations from the most authentic sources prepared by order of the Secrerary of the Navy of the United States. 1882. Fifth edition.Illustrated with 32 colored plates depicting over 150 flags from 49 nations(complete) including COREA.(Flag of Corea shows a white flag banner with the blue and red "Ying/Yang" symbol in the center and a series of four multi-line symbols at diagonal corners) Includes national or royal standard flags,merchant and military,pilot flags and more,some of which are quite different from the flags we recongnize today.Bound in publisher's original full blue cloth with the title stamped in gilt. This book is the first foreign source including an informaton on the flag of COREA . Fourth edition of this title does not include flag of Corea. (CHOSUN ILBO: Chosun Daily Newspaper dated January 27,2004: one of the largest and leading newspapers in Korea) Discovery of Old Flag Discredits 'Taegukgi' Legend (2004.01.26) by Yu Seok-jae (karma@chosun.com) The oldest Taegukgi, the national flag of Korea, was found. This version is listed in ¡®Flags of Maritime Nations,¡¯ published by the Bureau of Navigation at the U.S. Navy Department in July 1882. This version uses the four trigrams from the Book of Changes. Until now, Park Yeong-hyo was known as the first person to use four trigrams from the Book of Changes. The flag was published two or three months before Park moved to Japan. The oldest picture of a ¡°Taegukgi,¡± the national flag of Korea, has been discovered, giving insight into how the flag¡¯s symbols came to be used. The Taegukgi was found in the ¡°Flags of Maritime Nations,¡± issued by the U.S. Navy Department¡¯s Bureau of Navigation in July 1882, and with its red and blue yin-yang symbol and four black trigrams has the same form as the current Korean flag. This Taegukgi would be two or three months older than the one used by Park Yeong-hyo, who is known as the first to make and use a four-trigram flag. Park did so during a diplomatic mission to Japan from August to September of 1882. In the foreword of ¡°Flags of Maritime Nations,¡± it is written that the U.S. Senate voted on July 19, 1882 to make 3,000 copies of the book and distribute among government bodies. If so, than the Korean flag depicted in it would have been in use at least two or three months prior to the printing of the book. This would decisively discredit the popularly held belief that Park Yeong-hyo made the first Taegukgi. On the left is the ¡®national flag of Chosun¡¯ printed in Japanese newspaper ¡®Jijishinpo¡¯ on Oct. 2, 1882. One in the right is the "national flag of Goryeo" mentioned in a diplomatic document of the Ching Dynasty, dated March 1883. In March 1883, the Taegukgi was formally adopted as the Korean national flag. Kim Weon-mo, an honorary professor at Dankook University and an expert on the Korean flag, said that the one found in Flags of Maritime Nations is presumed to be one displayed when the Treaty of Chemulpo between Korea¡¯s Chosun Dynasty and the United States was signed on May 22, 1882. The oldest picture of the Korean flag was a black-and-white drawing found in the October 10, 1882 edition of the Japanese newspaper, Jijishinpo. It is labeled as the Chosun flag. Flags of Maritime Nations lists color pictures of flags from 49 nations in alphabetical order. The Taegukgi is listed in a column to the right of Qing China¡¯s flag in a column titled ¡°Corea.¡± *************************************************************** Korea Times(one of the leading daily newspapers in English in Korea) Picture of Oldest Taegukki Discovered By Han Eun-jung A drawing featuring the South Korean national flag has been discovered in an American book published in July 1882. If proven to be true, it will be the oldest picture of the national flag to date. The image of the ``taegukki,¡¯¡¯ or the South Korean national flag, was found in a book titled ``Flags of Maritime Nations¡¯¡¯ published by the U.S. Navy Department Bureau of Navigation. The book was discovered Monday in Art Bank, a used bookstore in Seoul. The book describes how the U.S. Senate agreed on July 19, 1882, to make and distribute 3,000 copies of the taegukki. If this information is confirmed, it will be earliest known image of the national flag, two months older than the taegukki unveiled by Park Young-hyo on Oct. 2. The flag shown in the book is similar to the present South Korean flag. The circular ``taeguk¡¯¡¯ emblem, based on the Tao symbol, rests on a white background that symbolizes peace. The blue of the emblem represents ``yin¡¯¡¯ (the negative, female, passive force) and the red symbolizes ``yang¡¯¡¯ (the positive, male, active force). The four sets of bars positioned at each corner denote heaven (kun), earth (kon), water (ee) and fire (kam).
Bureau of Navigation,Secretary of the Navy Secretary of the Navy,Washington.D.C. English

223 Les Heros de CHEMULPO/1905

hard cover,151 pages. An aacount on the battle near Chemulpo harbour (Inchon,Korea) between Japan and Russia. Beatiful Illustrations by Ar Johanson.
Caston Leroux Libraire Felix Juven,Paris French

178 Sailing Directions for the Southeast Coast of Siberia and Korea 1947./1947

hard cover,785 pages and supplement,maps Saling Directions for The Southeast Coast of Siberia and Korea from Sakhalin Zaliv (Sakhalin Gulf) to the Yalu River including Sakhalin.
United States Navy Department Hydrographic Office. United States Government Printing Office.Washington English

177 Sailing Directions for Siberia and Chosen(Korea) 1932/1932

paperback,582 pages.folding maps. Sailing directions for Siberia and Chosen(Korea) from cape Syeverni and Wrangell Island to the Oryoku ko (Yalu River) including Sakhalin Island.
United States Navy Department Hydrographic Office. United States Government Printing Office.Washington English

40 Asiatic Pilot Vol.1 East Coast of Siberia,Sakhalin Island and Chosen(Korea)/1918

hard cover,410 pages.second edition. Korean section: page 251 to 322 pages.(East Coast of Chosen-Matsu Shima and the Hornet Islands/South Coast of Chosen -Tsushima and Quelpart Island( Chechu Island)
Hydrographic Office under The Authority of The Secretary of the Navy. Government Printing Office,Washington English

37 Observations upon the KOREAN Coast,Japanese-Korean Ports and Siberia./1883

hard cover,163 pages with a map.Report made during a journey from the Asiatic staion to the United Sates through Siberia and Europe by Lieutenant B.H.Buckingham/Ensigns Georhe C.Foulk and Walter McLean United States Navy.Office of Naval Intelligence,Bureau of Navigation,Navy Department.
Lieutenant B.H.Buckingham Government Printing Office,Washington English


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