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No. Image Title/Pub.Year Author Publisher Language
731 En 1900/1900

Hard cover, 4 to. 299 pages .first edition.Illustrated with numerous black and white photographs related to Paris Expostion in 1900. Korea section: 4 pages.
Le Matin. Paris Le Matin. Paris French

473 PAPERMAKING,The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft/1943

hard cover, first edition.398 pages. Illustrated with numerous photographs. Explores the history of paper from its invention in China to its introduction to Europe and America, with a detailed survey of the development and uses of tools and allied materials. Numerous b/w plates interspersed, including comprehensive chronology of papermaking with double-page map Contents include: The Writing Substances of the Ancients; The Invention of True Paper by Ts'ai Lun; The Mould: The Papermaker's Chief Tool; Early Papermaking Processes; Early Papermaking in Europe and America; Six and a Half Centuries of Watermarks; The Artistic Development of Watermarks - and more. REFERING TO PAPERMAKING TECHNIQUE in KOREA under Japanese rule . MAJOR STUDY OF FAR EASTERN HANDMADE PAPERS
Dard Hunter Alfred A.Knoff,New York English


Pynson Printers 1936. 2 photos, 11x8.5", saddle stitched wraps, 10pages. Prospectus includes order form but unfortunately envelope is stuck on it.(an uncoventional prospectus of a new volume by Dard Hunter presently to be printed and published by Elmer Adler of the Pynson Printers The volume to bear the Title: A Papermaking Pilgrimage To Japan, Korea, and China)
Dard Hunter Pynson Printers English

279 Ores and Industry in the Far East/1927

hard cover,cloth229 pages. A useful survey on the Influence of Key Mineral Resources on the Development of Oriental Civilzation. Author was Secretary of the American Instituteof Mining and Metallurgical Engineers.
H.Foster Bann Council on Foreign Relations,Inc.New York English

134 Reports on Mines in Corea/1883

8 pages.
The Government of the United Kingdom Harrison and Sons,London English

132 Report on Corea(Presented to both Houses of parliament by Command of Her majesty ,February 1883)/1883

12 pages.
The Government of the United Kingdom Harrison and Sons,London English

131 Reports on Subjets of General and Commercial Interest. Corea,Report on the Cultivation of Cotton in Corea./ Report on the Commercial Condition of the Ports of Fusan and Wonsan/1894

4 pages.and 8 pages .
The Government of the United Kingdom Her Majesty's Stationary Office. English

86 Mineral Resources of Korea Volume 3 A & B Gold./1945

hard cover. A: 124 pages B: 118 pages. ca. 1945 private publication . A deatailed survey of Gold Mines of Korea.
.. .. English


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