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773 KOREA and the Pacific War/1942

Paperback 8 vo. 76 pages First edition..Very scarce publication. The author, a Korean who was long active in the independence movement against Japan, makes a plea for aid in money and arms to the Korean Provisional Government and its troops, so that they may be able to take a prominent part in driving the Japanese from Korea. Korea and the Pacific War, a memorandum prepared as a partial plan for more effective participation by the Korean people in the present war and as a guide to an understanding of Korea's present and post-war problems, her economic status and the capacity of her people to carry on an enlightened and stable self-government. Published by the United Korean Committee in America Planning and Research Board.
United Korean Committee in America Planning and Research Board. . English

733 The Truth about Korea /1919

hard cover, 8 vo.104 pages. Scarce source on Independence Movement of Korea.
C.W.Kendall The Korean National Association,California English

725 Supplementary Appeal to The Conference on Limitation of Armament and pacific and Far East by KOREAN MISSION /1922

paperback, 4pages.
Korean Mission,Continental Trust Bldg., Washington ,D.C. Korean Mission,Continental Trust Bldg., Washington ,D.C. English

657 L'Independance de La COREE et La Paix /1919

Paperback, 4 to.35 pages plus 5 pages b/w photographs published by the Bureau of Korean Information of the Provinsional Government of Korea . Extremely rare source on the Independence Movement of The Provisional Government of Korea organized in the April of 1919 in Shanghai.
Bureau D'Information Coreen . French

604 JAPAN Inside Out/1941

hardcover, 8 vo. cloth.208 pages .2nd edition(first edition was published in 1941)Illustrated with several black and white photographs.Largely concerned with Japanese repressive policies in Korea.SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. Author was the First President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea in Exile and became the First President of Korea of the Republic of Korea in 1948.The author was a Korean journalist, imprisoned by the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War. He wrote this book on the eve of World War II to warn the United States to watch Japan
Symgman Rhee Fleming H.Revell Company,New York. English

578 America's Finest Gift to KOREA ,The Life of Philip Jaison/1952

paperback, 8 vo.89 pages. Illustrated with several black and white photographs.Very rare book on Korean independence movement.
Channing Leim,Ph.D. Chairman of the Department of Political Science ,Pennsylvania College for Women. The Wiilam-Frederick Press.New York. English


32 pages, softcover, disbound . Historical Sketch of Korean Independence Movement prepared by the Korean Commision to America and Europe under the Joint Direction of The Korean National Association/The Kyo-Min-Dan/The Dong-Ji-Hai/The Korean Student Federation of North America.Rare source on Korean Independence Movement against Japan.
The Korean Commission,Washington D.C.and The Central Executive Committee of Korean National Organizations,New York . English

541 The Korean "INDEPENDENCE " Agitaion/1919

Articles Reprinted from the "Seoul Press".Very Good Booklet. 6" by 9" Pamphlet containing articles from the 'Seoul Press' dealing with Recent Korean Independence Agitation'. English language text. Signed in ink of the top of the front wrapper-'With the compliments of Mr. S. Ukita, the Japanese Consul, Vancouver, B. C.'. 35pp, double columns. stapled binding.
The "Seoul Press"Office,Seoul,Chosen(Korea) The "Seoul Press"Office,Seoul,Chosen(Korea) English

538 Chosen and among its People(Speech by Governor-General Ugaki at the Conference of Empire Normal School Principals in Keijo on the 29th September ,1933)/1933

Book Description: [Keijo, Chosen (Korea)]: [Signs of the Times Publishing House, 1933]. 8vo. 20 pp. Photos. First edition of this exceedingly scarce speech by the Japanese governor who enforced rural development and cottong cultivation in southern Korea in the 1930s. This work is a blatant and racist pamphlet of all the benefits the Japanese had bestowed upon the poor Koreans, and how Korean rulers had mistreated their own peoples for centuries.
Governor -General,Ugaki Government General of Chosen English

452 Japan's Dream of World Empire /The Tanaka Memorial/1942

hardcover,cloth 8vo.118 pages.first English edition. English translation of a key historical document delineating the Japanese imperial ambitions in China. The 'Memorial' presented by Premier Tanaka to the Emperor in July 1927 'Outlining the Positive Policy in Manchuria'. This important Japanese document has been compared to Hitler's MEIN KAMPF. In 1927, Emperor Hirohito was presented this grand scheme for the military take over of Manchuria, China, Southeast Asia, including the American outposts in Asia. Followed closely as written, the Tanaka Memorial provides invaluable insight into the Japanese strategic plan for the Pacific theatre during the Second World War.
Carl Crow(Editor) Harper & Brothers,New York English

446 Unveiled East./1907

Hardcover,cloth, First and only edition,347 pages.Illustrated with b/w photographs.Very rare source on the Independence Movement of Korea. Mckenzie was a special (war) correspondent with The Daily Mail and the letters in this book, written under campaign conditions, describe his experiences covering the Russo-Japanese war and the situation in Russia and the Far East from January 1904 to April 1905. He is at pains to be fair to the Russian side in the midst of English sympathy for the Japanese but acknowledges that there is much to condemn in the Russian's conduct of the war. Contents: 1) The Purpose of New Japan. 2)The Fight for the Pacific. 3)How Japan came to Korea. 4)The passing of Empire. 5)The Dream of the Marquis Ito. 6)Manchuria after the War. 7)Japanese Immigrants and Chinese Robbers. 8)From Port Arthur to Harbin. 9)Japan's Commercial Campaign. 10)Monopoly at Work. 11)The Japanese Cotton Trade. 12)The Open Door. 13)The Problem of Emigrant. 14)New China. 15)Viceroy Yuan-Reformer. 16)The New Chinese Army. 17)A Fight for national Existence. 18)China and Foreign Trade. 19)Japan and Christianity. 20) England's Opportunity. ------------------------------------- APPENDIX 1) Memorial from the Korean Foreign Office to President Roosevelt.(page 325-331) 2)The Open Letter of Choi ik Hyon(332-343)
F.A.McKenzie ,Author of Tragedy of Korea (1908)/Korea's Fight for Freedon(1920)/From Tokyo to Tiflis(1905) Hutchinson & Co., London English

444 Japanese Imperialism Exposed(The Secret Tanaka Document)/1942

paperback,Octavo. 47 pages. Baron Tanaka was Prime Minister of Japan from 1927 to 1929, and this "Tanaka Memorial" was the secret report of a 1927 special conference on Japan's plans for colonization of the Far East and development of a "new continental empire. " Reveals much of the program that the Japanese militarist-fascists actually followed, fully anticipating the clash with the United States.
. International Publishers,New York English

442 Missions and Modern History in 2 voulmes/1904

hard cover cloth , 8 vo. first and only edition.volume one:356 pages. volume two:713 pages. A Study of the Missionary Aspects of Some Great Movements of the Nineteenth Century . First edition of this informative work including sections on the Tai-Ping Rebellion, Indian Mutiny, reform movement in Hinduism, the Tong Hak insurrection in Korea, The Boxer Rebellion, and of interest as well the Armenian massacre by the Ottomans. Many of these rebellions and movements the author explains had originated as societal reactions against foreign missionaries and subsequent efforts by respective governments in Asia. Korea Section: The Tong-Hak INsurrection:from page 357 to page 392.
Robert E.Speer,Secretary of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America English

362 In Korea with Marquis Ito/1908

Hard cover, cloth.First edition, 477 apges In 2 parts: Part 1: A Narative of Personal Experiences, Part 2: A Critical and Historical Inquiry and 12 full-page photos in text. A Frist hand account of Ito's trip to Korea after the Sino-Japanese War,which saw Korea become a protecturate of japan.An important account of the period of Korea's history which saw the rise of strong anti-Japanese feelings and also the rise of Christianity.
George Trumbull Ladd Charles Scribner's Sons,New York English

347 The Phonograph(daily newspaper) reporting :Prince Ito victim of Assassination on October 26,1909/1909

Newspaper dated October 28,1909 reporting the Assassination of Prince Ito, Japanese Stateman by a Korean patriot(Ahn Joong-kun) at Harbin on October 26,1909.
The Phonograph,Wisconsin The Phonograph,Wisconsin English

334 The New York Times(April 29,1932) Bomb at Shanghai wounds 5 high Japanese Officials:Shirakawa and Uyeda hit./1932

New York Times reporting the bombing by a Korean at Shanghai in April 29,1932. Troops Take Assilant,Believed a Korean(Yoon.Bong-gil),from Angry Crowd. 28 pages.
New York Times . English

327 Song of Ariran/1941

hard cover,cloth.8 vo.254 pages. Illustrated from photographs. An undocumented study,but of value for its exposition of the Nationalist anti- Japanese movement in Korea and of Koreans and China.
Kim San and Nym Wales The John Day Company,N.Y. English

284 Typed manuscript of prepared address text by Dr. Syngman Rhee,Former President of R.O.K./1942

paper copy of typed manuscript ,6 pages ( 22x36cm) Text of the address delivered by Dr.Syngman Rhee,noted patriot and father of Korean Republic ,Chairman of Korean Commission in Washington,before a luncheon meeting of the Women's National Democartic Club,April 13,1942.
Dr.Syngman Rhee Perepared by Korean-American Council 327 Colorado Building Washington,D.C. English

272 Japan in Korea/An Open Letter to China/1919

paperback,9 pages. Korea section: 4 pages from correspondence columns of Press of Shanghai ,April 30,1919.
Fair Play/An Asiatic Democrat Reprinted from the correspondence columns of the Press of Shanghai English

228 Korea Forgotten Nation/1944

paperback,138 pages. Historical study with emphasis on Dr. Syngman Rhee's efforts to achieve independence for Korea. (Annotation is based on KOREA,Library of Congress,1950)
Robert T.Oliver Public Affairs Press,,Washington English

195 The Truth about Korea/1919

Rare 1919 booklet, devoted to revealing Japanese atrocities in Korea, entitled THE TRUTH ABOUT KOREA, by Nathaniel Peffer, Peking Correspondent of The China Press. No publication date, but apparently published in 1919, since it refers to Korea as "The Belgium of the Far East," a reference comparing German war crimes in Belgium to Japanese war crimes in Korea. It also refers to the March 1st, 1919 protest and uprising, and describes it as if it occurred very recently. A gripping piece of journalism, which asks, on its front cover: "Do you know: That a Korean must obtain police permission to draw money from his own bank account? That in their efforts to obtain 'evidence' the Japanese tortured Korean men and boys by crossing their fingers over hot wires, lacerating their flesh with sharp hooks and searing it with hot irons, pouring hot water and red pepper down their nostrils, inserting slivers of wood under their finger nails? That in the schools Korean children are taught to despise their own civilization; their language is forbidden, their history scorned? That the country writhes in the grip of spies more omnipresent than in the darkest days of Tsarist Russia?" Japan annexed Korea in 1910 and ruled over the peninsula ruthlessly until after the Second World War. A 40-page double-columned report, originally 20 cents, apparently published by The China Press. Peffer was a well-known journalist, and an expert in Asian affairs. Booklet divided into chapters, "A General Survey," "The Belgium of the Far East," "Where the Pinch Comes," "Suppressing Korean Thought," "The First Day of March," "A Japanese Idea of Reform," "Baron Saito Interviewed," and "The Lesson to China." A valuable item for those researching this time period in Japanese - Korean relations.
Nathaniel Peffer(Peking Correspondent of The China Press) .. English

137 Korea's Fight for Freedom/1920

hard cover,320 pages. A journalistic survey of Japanese interests in Korea from 1876 through to the independence riots of the spring of 1919. The author's view: I have long been convinced .. that the policy of Imeprial expension adopted by Japan.. is a grave menace. An appeal for Korean independence from Japan(Annotation is based on KOREA,Libray of Congress)
F.A.McKenzie Simpkin,Marshall and Co.London English

113 Korea and Her Oppressor/1919

Mini sized political essay.8 pages.
Spencer Dunshee Irwin Times Print,Granville ,Ohio English

72 The Case of Korea/1921

hard cover,305 pages. Illustrated from photographs.1921 first and only edition. A collection of Evidence of the japanese Domination of Korea,and on the Development of the Korean Independent Movement. Detailed account of the Nationalist movement in Korea and the passive Resistance riots of 1919,from a Korean pointview.
Henry Chung Fleming H.Revell Company,New York English

70 The Tragedy of Korea/1908

hard cover,312 pages.Illustrated from 27 phtographs. An anti-Japanese account of Korean history from 1876 to 1907. Interesting information on the western reform movement in Korea ; anti-Japanese guerilla activity;the assassination of the Korean Queen. (Annotation is based on KOREA,Libray of Congress)
Frederick A.McKenzie Hodder and Stouchton English

57 The Rebirth of Korea/1920

hard cover,270 pages. Illustrated from photographs. A moderately worded discussion of Korea's position in relation to Japan with some detailed descriptions of the Independence Movement demonstration of March 1919.(Annotation is based on KOREA,Library of Congress,1950)
Hugh Heung-Wo Cynn The Abingdon Press,New Tork English

39 The Renaissance of Korea/1920

hard cover,74 pages. illustrated from photographs. This is a not only a autobiography of the author, but a true record of the missionary spirit of Captain Graves, with special coverage of the 1919 outbreak against Japanese order.Also covering the 1905 Japanese take over of Korea as reported in the Whang Sun Shinmun, of November 17(A Korean Newspaper published in Korea under Japanese rule). Essays on Hideyoshi, the Hermit Na- tion, Tai Won kun, Exit China & Russia, argument of Formosa. Assimilation, Christianity, the Independence Movement, Cains Question. New Korea, Bushido & White Buddha.A useful primary resource.
Joseph Waddington Graves,B.D. Philip Jaison & Co.Philadelphia English


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