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762 Origianal Photograph of Members of The Legation of France in Seoul,1905./1905

Photographie originale du mariage Martel-Eckert à Séoul, sur les marches de la Légation de France, avec Collin de Plancy et Clémencet, Séoul, 7 février 1905, tirage argentique, 26,5 x 20 cm, signé et daté en bas à droite par Emile Martel. Emile Martel, directeur de l'enseignement à l'Ecole Française (crée en 1896 à Pak-dong), y formait notamment les interprètes de la Cour impériale et ceux des légations coréennes à Paris. Sont présents sur la photo: (1er rang) M. Bolljahn, M. Martel, Mlle Eckert, M. Berteaux; (2e rang) Mme Laporte, Mme Eckert, M. Collin de Plancy, Mme Berteaux, M. Douin; (3e rang) M. Laporte, Mlle Eckert soeur, M. Von Saldern; (4e rang) M. Berteaux, M. Clémencet et M. Trémoulet. Voir Souvenirs de Séoul , France-Corée 1886-1905, P. et Séoul, EFEO et Korea University 2006, pp. 175-176, où est reproduite un tirage de cette photographie provenant des archives du ministère des Affaires étrangères, avec un envoi de Marte a Collin de Plancy.
. . French

754 Members of Consulate of France in Seoul,Original Photograph taken in 1892 in Seoul./1892

size:27.5.x21.5cm. Origianl photograph moumted on cardboard . The names of 10 persons including 2 Koreans were captioned on the bottom of the cardboard.
Consulate of France in Seoul . French

700 Empires and Emperors of Russia,China ,KOREA,and Japan/1906

hard cover, 8 vo. 399 pages. First Edition.Illustrated with a frontis monochrome portrait and numerous additional black and white photo and other plates. Korea section: from page 189 to page 274.
Count Vay de Vaya and Luskod E.P.Dutton and Company.New York English

641 Treaties, Conventions, International Acts,Protocols and Agreements between the United States and Other Powers 1776-1909(in 2 volumes)/1910

hardcover,8 vo.Volume 1 and 2:2491 pages. First edition. Including Treaty of peace, Amity,Commerce and Navigation signed between the United States and Korea on May 22,1882 in Korea.
William M.Malloy Government Printing Office,Washington English


Bound in boards with cloth spine .8 vo.50 pages.Illustrated with black and white photographs . first edition.Signed by the author in 1919.Author was the wife of the first U.S.Minister and Envoy Extraordinary to KOREA ,served her country in the Far East.Rare source on the general overview of political situation of Korea shortly after the two countries opened diplomatic relationship in 1882.
Mary V.Tingley Lawrence H.S.Crocker Company,San Francisco English

616 The Oriental Policy of the United States/1919

hard cover, 8 vo. cloth.306 pages.first edition.A scholarly work on the American policy in the Far East and addressing of Korean opinion.
Henry Chung,A.M.(A Korean-American) Fleming H.Revell Company,New York English

583 The New Far East/1905

hard cover, 8 vo.374 pages.8th edition.An interesting and prescient commentary on the contemporary Far east in 1904. Forecasts the eventual domination of China in world manufacturing. Diosy was a founder of the Japan Society in London. Illustrated from special designs by Kubota Beisen of Tokio. Black boards decorated with kanji, hiragana and other oriental script.
Arthur Diosy Cassell and Company,Limited ,London English

580 Correspondence respecting the Temporary Occupation of Port HAMILTON by Her Majesty's Government/presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty in 1887./1887

41pp. Folio. Paper wrappers British Parliamentary Paper. Corea No 1 (1887). C4991. Account of the British occupation of Port Hamilton which lasted from May 1885 to Jan 1887. Very rare source on the early relations between Korea and United Kingdom.
Her Majesty's Government Harrison and Sons ,Westerminster English


hard cover,8 vo.318 pages plus a large folding map and a large folding profile, both illustrating the Report of the Isthmus of Darien Exploring Expedition, and two diagrams accompanying the Corean Expedition Report....................................................KOREA SECTION:THE EXPEDITION TO COREA [Korea] - 38 pages with some superb detailed reports and official despatches describing the military engagements between the Coreans and the crews of the US Navy vessels Colorado, Alaska, Benicia, Monocacy, and the Palos, after they were treacherously attacked by cannon-fire from several forts bordering a dangerous channel the fleet was surveying in the river Kang-Yan near Kang-Hoa Island, Korea. As no explanation or apology was forthcoming from the Coreans, Admiral Rodgers attacked and destroyed the five forts, killing over 240 Koreans and losing 3 American lives with 10 more wounded. This report has two accompanying diagrams of the attacking formation of the US military forces attacking the forts
House of Representatives Washington: Government Printing Office English

531 .T'oung Pao ...Archives pour servir a L'etude de L'Histoire,des Langues,de la Geographie et de L'ethnographies de L'Asie Orientale (Chine,Japon,Coree,Indo-Chine,Asie Centrale et Malaisie) /1890

Hard cover, 8 vo. 28 consecutive volumes of INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE STUDIES from 1890 to 1917(from volume 1 to volume 28) dealing with History ,Languages,Geography,Ethnography of Asia(China,Japan,Korea,Indo-China ,Central Asia and Malaysia). With numerous illustrations(some of them in colors) . Approx.550 pages per volume. Extremely rare source on the study of Far East at the end of 19th century and the turn of 20th century.Mainly in French ,partly in English etc.
Gustave Schlegel(Professeur de Chinois a l'Universite de Leide) et Henri Cordier (Professeur,a l'Ecole speciale des Langues orientales vivantes et a l'Ecole libre des Sciences politiques a Paris) Leide ,E.J.Brill,Netherlands French

524 Journal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society for the year 1888./1889

hard cover, cloth 8 vo.336 pages. 1)Korea section:A Corean Monument to Manchu Celmency in 1639.from pag2 1 to page 8 with full description of the monument in Chinese character on Chinese paper. 2)Chinese chess 3) The Prcelain Pagoda of Nanking etc.etc.
China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Shanghai English

500 ASIA (The American Magazine on the Orient) December,1920/1920

4 to.paperback,93 pages. Korea Section: AN AMERICAN IN ASIA no4 : Willard Straight at the Legation in Korea by Louis Graves. from page 1079 to page 1086 .
Asia Publishing Company,New York . English

482 Treaties and Conventions with or concerning CHINA AND KOREA,1894-1904,together with various state papers and cocuments affecting foreign interests./1904

hard cover, large 8vo. leather covers.555 pages.First and only edition. Rare source on old Korea.Includes 5 folding maps.
Williamk Woodville Rockhill Government Printing Office,Washington English


paperback,large 8 vo. 79 pages. First and only edition. Author was an Italian Diplomat who served in the Italian Emabassy to Korea in 1902 .He wrote "COREA E COREANI: Korea and Koreans in 2 volumes published in Italian in 1904 and 1905 in Roma.(A useful general study and basic overview of the history, geography, climate, and culture of Korea at the end of 19th century and the begining of the 20th century) "LETTERE DALLA COREA " is a collection of letters of Carlo Rossetti in Seoul sent to Italy in 1902 refering to general overview of the political and commericail situation of Korea in 1902. Extremely rare source on Old Korea.
Carlo Rossetti Livorno Tipografia di Raffaello Giusti,Italy Italian


hardcover, 8vo.185 pages. first and only edition.Illustrated with numerous photographs. Extremely rare source on Korea at the turn of the century refering to many political and foreign relations.
Emma Kroebel Verlag von R.Jacobsthal & Co.,berlin-Schoneberg German

401 Dictionary of Races or Peoples(report of the Immigration Commission/1911

hard cover, 8vo.150 pages.folding maps. Reports of the Immigration Commission,United States.
Dillingham(Committee on Immigration,United States.) Washing Government Printing Office English

388 Estimates for Buildings for Consular Offices in China ,Korea and Japan 1907/1907

The Acting Secretary of the Treasury transmiting ,with a copy of a communication from the Secretary of State ,Estimates of appropriations for building for Consular offices in China,Korea and Japan: 45 pages.
House of representatives . English

378 Message of the President of the United States and Accompanying Documents to the Two Houses of Congress at the Commencement of the third session of the forty-five congress(1870)/1870

hard cover, 8vo.cloth,538 pages.includes Corea section(Relation between China and Corea) at page 362.
House of Represnetatives Government Printing Office English


hard cover, 267 pages.cloth.exceedingly rare source on the situation in the Far East in the second half of 19th century and early years of 20th century. Chapters......... The New Egypt Statecraft In Persia The Land Of The White Elephant Siamese Aspirations The Changed Hong Kong The Departing Glory Of Shanghai The Gulf Between West and East Japan's Treaty Obligations Britain's Stake In Korea Japan's Breach Of Faith The Resentment Of The Koreans The Korean Emperor's Repudiation Marquis Ito British Disabilities In Korea Outlander Grievances The Inscrutable Chinese The Transport Problem Sir Robert Hart Control The Chinese Customs Yuan Shi Kai China's Military Strength Count Witte The Spirit Of Nationalization Index
Douglas Story Chapman & Hall, Ltd,London English

259 Accession of the Empire of Corea /1903

2pages inlcuding cover. Convention signed at Geneva,August 22,1864 ,for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wonded in Armies in the field.
The Government of the Great Britain His majesty Stationary Office ,London English

255 Korea Treaties and Agreements/1921

hard cover, 8 vo.68 pages. The documents have been selected chiefly from John V.A. MacMurray's Treaties and Agreement with and concerning China. Copies and translations of 22 treaties and proclamations relating to Korea from 1882 to 1910. The foreign powers inlcuded are China,Japan,Russia and Great Britain. (Annotation is based on KOREA,Library of Congress,1950)
Carnegir Endowment for International Peace Published by the Endowment English

239 A Half Century of Naval Service/1922

hard cover,cloth,438 pages. The author graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1868. His first cruise took him on an expedition to Korea for treaty negotiations. Korea section: (Korean Expedition: from page 29 to 63. Chapters : 1. Midshipman Days - Pacific Station; 2. Asiatic Station - Korean Expedition; 3. West Indies - Virginius Affair; 4. Transit of Venus Cruise [aboard U.S.S. Swatara]; 5. Submerged Continent in the Atlantic - Service in the Mediterranean; 6. Expedition to Bring Obelisk from Egypt to New York; 7. Surveying - United States Fish Commission; 8. Office of Naval Intelligence - U.S.S. Vesuvius; 9. U.S.S. Massachusetts - Santiago Campaign; 10. Governor of Guam (pp.231-269); 11. General Board - U.S.S. Virginia; 12. Fleet Cruise around the World; 13. Commander in Chief of the Atlantic Fleet - Retired List - Duty and Comments.
Seaton Schroeder D.Appleton and Company,New York English

234 Korean-American Relations (volume 1)/1951

paperback,163 pages. Doucments pertaining to the Far Eastern Diplomay of the United States The Initial Period (1883-1886)
George M.McCune /Jphn A. Harrison(editors) University of California Press English

144 China's Intercourse with KOREA from the 15th century to 1895/1905

paperback,60 pages. A historical survey of Korea's tributory relations with China based primarily on Chinese source materials.
William Woodville Rokchill Luzac & Co.,London English

143 King's Regulations,International Regulations,Rules,Orders,Notifications and Rules of Court issued under the China and Corea Orders in Council ,1904 and 1907 during the year 1908./1909

hard cover,46 pages. Korea section: King's regulations British Newspaper Regulations China and Corea 1908.Order of the Judge of H.B.M.Supreme Court for China and Corea.
His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. North-China Daily News and Herald Ltd.Shanghai English

142 King's Regulations Orders ,Notices and Rules of Court issued under the China and Corea order in Council,1904 ,during the years 1905,1906 and 1907/1908

hard cover,55 pages. Korea section: The Registeration of british Subjects (levy of fees) Regulation, 1907,(page 50) Notifications under article 170 of the China and Corea Order in Council ,1904 (page 51) Orders of the Judge of H.B.M.Supreme Court for China and Corea(page 53)
Published by the direction of His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs . North-China News & herald Ltd.Shanghai English

125 Diplomatic Negotiations of American naval Officers 1778-1883/1912

hard cover,380 pages.first edition. Narration of navy interests in Korea up to date:the little war of 1871 is covered and a chapter takes up Commodore Shufelt's negotiations of 1882. (Annotation is based on KOREA,Library of Congress,1950)
Charles Oscar Pualin The Johns Hopkins Press,Baltimore English

75 Agreement between the United Kingdom and Japan relative to China and Corea signed at London,January 30,1902./1902

3 pages.Published by His Majesty's Stationary Office,and reprinted in W.C.
The Government of the United Kingdom Harrison and Sons,W.C. English

67 Undiplomatic Memories ,The Far East 1896-1904/1930

hard cover,238 pages. first edition.Illustrated from photographs. Personalized commentary by one who was secretary to the U.S.Legation in Seoul(1894) and later advisor to the Korean emperor up to 1904. Sketches of foreigners in Korea 1896-1904 and foreign power politics in Korea. (Annotation is based on KOREA,Library of Congress,1950)
William Franklin Sands Whittlesey House,New York English

35 Korean Treaties Treaties and Conventions between COREA and Other Powers/1919

hard cover,226 pages. Treaties with Austria-Hungardy/Belgium/China/Denmark/France/germany Great Britain/Italy/United States/Japan.
Henry Chung,A.M. H.S.Nichols,Inc. English


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