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No. Image Title/Pub.Year Author Publisher Language
782 KOREA,Marchen und Legenden /1893

hard cover, 8vo. 146 gaes. Very rare materials on Korean folktales. Illustrated with 16 photographs in balck and white starting with a Brief introduction to the National Flag of Korea.
H.G.Arnous Verlag von ilhelm Friedrich ,Leipzig. German


hard cover 8vo. 127 pages. first edition .Illustrated for the 18 Korean old fairy tales.
Garine(Adaptation fracaise de Serge PERSKY) Librairie Delagrave,Paris French

738 Contes D Extreme Orient/1914

hard cover,136 pages.
Villetard De Laguerie R.Roger et F.Chernoviz ,Paris French

695 Koreiskie Skazki(Korean Fairy Tales) /1941

Paperback 253 pages. First edition . Korean Fairy Tales in Russian.
P.V.Shkurkin Shanhai Others

665 Tales from KOREA/1935

paperback,200 pages .Illustrated with 15 facinating sketches by Lee,Sang Bum,one of the most famous painters in the History of The Modern Art of Korea.
Y.T.Pyun Y.T.Pyun, Seoul English

601 Winning Buddha's Smile/1919

hard copver, cloth .8 vo.153 pages with illustrations .Very rare book on Korean Legend. First and only edition.Compiled and Translated by Charles M. taylor. . From the Foreword: "...."Winning Buddha's Smile" is one of the oldest existing specimens of Korean literature. Both the author and date of its original composition are unknown, but it is reasonably certain that it was well known in a dramatic form about the close of the fourteenth century."
Charles M.Taylor Richard G.Badger The Gorham Press,Boston English

575 The Journal of American Folk-Lore Vo.10 No.39,October-Decmebr ,1897./1897

Stiff Card Covers,8 vo.92 pages. Korea section: Korean Folk-Tales by E.B.Landis.from page 282 to 292 .
The American Folk-lore Society . English

435 KUMOKIE A Bride of Old Korea(A Love Story of the Orient)/1922

hard cover,8 vo.First edition, 230 pages.Illustrated with b/w photographs. A Love Story of Korea from an American missionsary's point of view by E.C.Wagner who is Author of "Kim Su Bang",Pokjumie" ,"Korea,The Old and New".
Ellasue Canter Wagner Publishing House M.E.Church,Southj,Lamar & Barton,Nashville,Tenn. English

412 KOREA: Fact and Fancy,Being a Republication of two books entitled "Korean Tales" and "A Chronological Index"/1904

hard cover,8 vo. 285 pages. Being a Republication of two books entitled "Korean Tales" and "A Chronological Index" Rare source on Korea. Contents: Part one: 1) Introductory 2)Descriptive 3)The Rabit and Other Legends 4)The Exchanged Wine Jug. 5)Ching Yuh and Kyain Oo 6)Hyung Bo and Hahl Bo 7)Chun Yang 8)Sim Chung 9)Hong Kil Tong Part two: A Chronological Index
Dr.Horace Allen Methodist Publishing House,Seoul,Korea English

343 Contes Coreens(Adaptation francaise de Serge Persky)/1924

paperback, 8vo.127 pages.very scare source on Korean Literature. collection of 20 Korean Folk Tales inculding Sim-Tchen.
Garine Illustrations de Ju-Peon Edtions SPES,Lausanne French

303 Tales of A Korean Grandmother/1947

hard cover,cloth 8vo.287 pages. first edition. Illustrated with reproductions from old Korean paintings. A Korean grandmother tells her grandchildren the traditional tales and legends of their country.
Frances Carpenter Doubleday & Company,Inc.N.Y. English

301 Korean Fairy Tales/1911

hard cover,155 pages,8vo. cloth. 26 fairy tales ,illustrated in color. Author of Korea: Within and Without/Korea:The Hermit Nation/A Moderdern Pioneer in Korea/The Korean Origin of Japanese Art etc.
William Elliot Griffis Thomas Y.Crowell Company,New York English

105 Omjee the Wizard,Korean Folk Stories/1925

hard cover,156 pages. color illustrations. 1st and only edition . Folk tales compiled from personal conversation with Korean people as well as from their literature. Originally designed for younger readers
Homer B.Hulbert Milton Bradley Company,Mass. English

82 Kim Rides The Tiger/1951

hard cover,150 pages. Illustrated by the Author. Exciting adventures for young readers while at the same time the author shows in fascinating detail how the Koreans live-their customs-their talk and their humor. Kim lives in Seoul, Korea in 1919 and he and his cousin had no idea what a year it would be...when Korea was ruled by Japan.
Evelyn McCune The John Day Company,New York English

32 Korean Folk Tales,Imps ,Ghosts and Fairies./1913

hard cover,233 pages. Authors were Korean scholars of Chosen Dynasty.
Im Bang and Yi Ryuk Translator : J.S.Gale J.M.Dent & Sons,Ltd.London English

26 Tales Told in KOREA/1923

hard cover,247 pages.With a frontispiece in colors and six illustrations in black-and white by Arthur Y.Park. Dedicated to Dr.Syngman Rhee( ex President of Republic of Korea)/ From the garden of whiose memory came many of these stories. Simply written stories based on Korean folk legends.
Berta Metzger Frederick A.Stokes Company,New York English

16 Miroir,Cause de Malheur !/1934

Paperback,213 pages. This book contains 35 folk/fairy tales of Korea translated into French. The author wrote anothe Novel in French under the title AUTOUR d 'une VIE COREENNE in 1929. A serie of Korean tales talking about deities ,animals and religion etc.
Seu Ring Hai(Seo Young Hae in English) Editions Eugene Figuire,Paris French


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