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635 Rural Education for the Regeneration of Korea/1931

Paperback, 8 vo. First edition,124 pages. Submitted in Partial Fulfillments of the Requirements for the Degree of Philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy ,Columbia University,New York City.
Helen Kiteuk KIM Columbia University English

397 College Abroad Movement,1929/1929

circa 1929. A Woman's College becomes powre in Korea by Alice R.Appenzeller(3 page editorial) inttroducing Ewha Women Collge in Seoul.
. . English

375 Modern Education in Korea /1926

Hard cover,cloth ,8vo.336 pages.illustrated from numerous b/w photographs. first edition. Development of education in Korea from the 1880's forward through 1922-1923.Whereas a large proportaion of the book is concerned with the educational activity of the missions in Korea,there is also a discussion of the government school system under Japanese,and a critique.The appendices include statistical information.(annotation is based on "KOREA" ,Library of Congress,1950).rare source on Korea.
Horace Horton Underwood International Press ,New York English

282 Our Little Korean Cousin/1905

hard cover,96 pages.Illustrations .1905 first and only edition. A useful material on Korean home life and education of Korean kids in Korea .
H.Lee.M.Pike Colonial Press,Boston English

127 Korea Land of the Dawn/1931

paperback,200 pages. The author was graduated from the University Medical College,Cansas City in 1906 and he went to Korea in 1908 as a missionary of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church.For 5 years he was dean of Severance Union Medical College in Seoul.
James Dale Van Buskirk Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada English


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