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778 Stock Pattern Card No.A for 1933.KOREA CLOTH /1933

42x22cm. 4-panel stock pattern card distributed by Songdo Textile Co., Songdo, Korea. Includes 54 mounted sample swatches in a large variety of colors and patterns. Colors appear bright and vivid. Scarce. Korea Cloth formerly known KOREA MISSION CLOTH and manufactured for over 20 years is made of superior cotton yarns and rayon......
Songdo Textile Company,Ltd. . English

773 Archiv fur Ethnographie /1891

2 volumes. paperback 4 to.104 pages, 71 pages including Korea section on Ethnography of Korea in the second half of 19th century.Extremely rare materials on ethnography of Korea. Korea section:Zwei Jahr in Korea from page 1 to page 65 in the first volume.Illustrated with 2 plates in colour. Die Sammlungen aus KOREA from page 1 to page 33 in the second volume. Illustrated with 3 large plates in colour .
J.D.E.Schmelts Verlag von P.W.M.Trap,Leiden German

769 EN COREE ou Tchosen/1894

4to. First edition. 74pages plus a map of Chejudo.Illustrated with many skeches on Korean Folk and Costumes.
Musee Guimet ,Paris Musee Guimet ,Paris French

732 Life of Isabella Bird/1906

hard cover, 8vo. 416 pages with 37 b/w illustrations..........author of Korea and her Neighbours (published in 1898)............ Bird was born in Boroughbridge,in 1831 and grew up in Tattenhall, Cheshire.[1] As her father Edward was a Church of England priest, the family moved several times across Britain as he received different parish postings, most notably in 1848 when he was replaced as vicar of St. Thomas' when his parishioners objected to the style of his ministry. Bird was a sickly child and spent her entire life struggling with various ailments. Much of her illness may have been psychogenic, for when she was doing exactly what she wanted she was almost never ill. Her real desire was to travel. In 1854, Bird's father gave her £100 and she went to visit relatives in America. She was allowed to stay until her money ran out. She detailed the journey anonymously in her first book The Englishwoman in America, published in 1856. The following year, she went to Canada and then toured Scotland, but time spent in Britain always seemed to make her ill and following her mother's death in 1868 she embarked on a series of excursions to avoid settling permanently with her sister Henrietta (Henny) on the Isle of Mull. Bird could not endure her sister's domestic lifestyle, preferring instead to support further travels through writing. Many of her works are compiled from letters she wrote home to her sister in Scotland. Bird finally left Britain in 1872, going first to Australia, which she disliked, and then to Hawaii (known in Europe as the Sandwich Islands), her love for which prompted her second book (published three years later). While there she climbed Mauna Loa and visited Queen Emma.[1] She then moved on to Colorado, then the newest member of the United States, where she had heard the air was excellent for the infirm. Dressed practically and riding not sidesaddle but frontwards like a man (though she threatened to sue the Times for saying she dressed like one), she covered over 800 miles in the Rocky Mountains in 1873. Her letters to her sister, first printed in the magazine Leisure Hour,[1] comprised her third and perhaps most famous book, A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains. Bird's time in the Rockies was enlivened especially by her acquaintance with Jim Nugent, a textbook outlaw with one eye and an affinity for violence and poetry. "A man any woman might love but no sane woman would marry", Bird declared in a section excised from her letters prior to their publication. Nugent also seemed captivated by the independently-minded Bird, but she ultimately left the Rockies and her "dear desperado". Nugent was shot dead less than a year later. At home, Bird again found herself pursued, this time by John Bishop, an Edinburgh doctor in his thirties. Predictably ill, she went travelling again, this time to the far east: Japan, China, Vietnam, and Singapore. Yet when her sister died of typhoid in 1880, Isabella was heartbroken and finally accepted Bishop's marriage proposal. Her health took a severe turn for the worse but recovered by Bishop's own death in 1886. Feeling that her earlier travels had been hopelessly dilettante, Bird studied medicine and resolved to travel as a missionary. Despite her nearly sixty years of age, she set off for India. Arriving on the subcontinent in February 1889, Bird visited missions in India, crossed Tibet, and then travelled in Persia, Kurdistan and Turkey. The following year she joined a group of British soldiers travelling between Baghdad and Tehran. She remained with the unit's commanding officer during his survey work in the region, armed with her revolver and a medicine chest supplied - in possibly an early example of corporate sponsorship - by Henry Wellcome's company in London. Featured in journals and magazines for decades, Bird was by now something of a household name. In 1892, she became the first woman inducted into the Royal Geographical Society. Her final great journey took place in 1897 where she travelled up the Yangtze and Han rivers which are in China and Korea, respectively. Later still, she went to Morocco, where she travelled among the Berbers and had to use a ladder to mount her black stallion, a gift from the Sultan.[1] She died in Edinburgh within a few months of her return in 1904, just shy of her seventy-third birthday. She was still planning another trip to China. "There never was anybody," wrote the Spectator, "who had adventures as well as Miss Bird." In 1982, Caryl Churchill used her as a character in her play Top Girls. Much of the dialogue written by Churchill comes from Bird's own writings.
A.M.Stoddart John Murray,London English

718 Hochzeitsreise durch Korea /1906

hard cover, 8 vo. 462 pages. first edition.Frontispiece portrait. Plus fine colour lithograph map of Korea, printed on heavy paper, bound at rear. With 200 halftone illustrations, vignettes, and full-page plates to the text. Index, list of illustrations.
Zabel, Rudolf Geibel, S., Altenburg,Germany German

710 KOREA MAGAZINE 1918 (January-December) 12 Issues,/1918

hard cover, 8 vo.576 pages. first edition.Seoul, Korea: Y. M. C. A. Press, 1918, 1st and only edition, one complete year (12 issues) bound together in old 3/4 leather and cloth binding, pp.576 + index (6), 12 photographic plates................ The Korea Magazine was a monthly publication that ran for three years only, from 1917 through 1919. This volume is the complete run of 12 issues from the second year, 1918. Each issue has a title page with the articles listed for that month (see photos below for two of the title pages) and there is a six page index of subjects for the entire year at the back. There is Korean fiction, poetry, articles on travel, railways, language and culture, history, pottery, and much more.
Editorial Board:S. A. BECK, . J. S. GALE, . W. G. CRAM, . W. A. NOBLE Y.. M.. C.. A. . PRESS, . SEOUL, . CHOSEN(KOREA) English

703 On the Graet Highway/1901

hard cover, 8 vo.417 pages. 3rd edition.The wanderings and adventures of a special correspondent. Korea section: from page 55 to page 73.(Interview with the King of Corea)
James CReelman Lothrop Publishing Company,Boston English

698 Actes du Onzieme Congres International des Orientalistes ,Paris-1897/1897

paperback, 413 pages. Report of the 11th International Congress of the Orientalists (Second section: Language and Archeology of the Far East). Korea section.: from page 67 to page 96(Study on Kore and Japan by Maurice Courant)................................................................Grand in-8 br., 413pp, qq. fig. in et hors texte, une planche dépl. Couv; défr., mouillure en marge des premiers ff., l'intérieur est cependant frais, non coupé. Sommaire : Section A (Chine et Japon) : Note sur un manuscrit mosso, par Ch.-E. Bonin - Inscriptions in the Juchen and allied scripts, by S. W. Bushell - Le Gan-shih-tang, ou «Lampe de la salle obscure», par C. de Harlez - The Chinese typewriter, its practicability and value, by D. Z. Sheffield - Notes sur les études coréennes et japonaises, par M. Courant - Coup d'oeil sur les institutions du gouvernement de Tokugawa, par Y. Oda - Prononciation ancienne du chinois, par Z. Volpicelli - Section B (Indo-Chine, Malaisie et Polynésie) : Le roi Yasovarman, par E. Aymonier - Takkola, by R.-F. St John - Observations sur la communication de M. St John, sur le mot Takola, par C. O. Blagden - The medieval chronology of Malacca, by C. O. Blagden - Notes sur les ordres et décoratins au Siam (étude de l'ordre royal Noparatana), par R. Réau - Paper, by General J.-G.-R. Forlong - Notice sur le choléra, d'après la légende annamite, par Masse - La préservation des monuments historiques anciens en Indo-Chine, par Lefèvre-Pontalis - Etudes d'ethnographie religieuse annamite, par G. Dumoutier - Dictionnaire annamite français, par J. Bonet.
Imprimerie Nationale,Paris Imprimerie Nationale,Paris French

697 End of Earth /1929

hard cover, 8 vo. First edition. 355 pages. Illustrated with various 67 black and white photographs.Andrews' adventures from whaling off Japan, to hunting boar and tiger in Korea and stalks after serow and sheep in the Yunnan and Shensi regions of China. Korea section: from page 147 to page 190.
Roy Champman Andrews National Travel Club,New York English

693 2X KOREA/1948

paperback ,167 pages plus 17 pages of black and white rare photographs including a photo of Kim,Il Sung ,ex-president of North Korea delivering an address to the North Korean public in front of National Flag of KOREA.
A.G.Towitsch Verlag Volk Undwelt,Berlin,Germany German

690 The KOREAN REPOSITORY ( January -December, 1897) /1897

8 vo. 12 volumes and 2 consular reports(1898,1899) bound in hard cover .40-50 pages per volume.
. The Triligual Press,Seoul English

689 The KOREAN REPOSITORY (from March -December, 1896)/1896

paperback, 8 vo. first edition.40-50 pages per volume.
James Gale:Rev.W.M.Baird: Dr.Philip Jaison etc, The Trilingual Press,Seoul English

688 Every-Day Life in KOREA ,A Collection of Studies and Stories./1898

hard coverr, 8 vo. 231 pages.First Edition. Illustrated with balck and white photographs. Every-Day Life in Korea is a collection of studies and stories by the American Presbyterian missionary Rev. Daniel L. Gifford who served in that country for eight years until 1893. When East Asia was first exposed to the Western world in the late 19th century, many Western observers shared the view that Korea was basically a land of scholars, compared to the militaristic Japan and the commercial China. Steeped in orthodox Confucian principles, its people looked down upon swordsmanship and commerce, and regarded the mastering of Confucian classics for state exams as the only means of establishing one's name and climbing the social ladder. Gifford wrote about this ineffectual education system in this 1898 classic. He also has quite a bit to say about the drinking (excessive) habits of the Koreans. An 1898 review of the book commented: ¡°This is one of the few books on Korea which is worth reading, and brings the everyday life of the common people in this strange land pleasantly before us. Mr. Gifford has studied the life of the Koreans to good purpose, and touches apparently almost every feature and characteristic of that people who are half way between China and Japan in their life and religion as well as in their geographical situation.¡± Gifford and his wife apparently returned to Korea and died there in 1900. They are buried in a cemetery in Seoul
D.L.Gifford Fleming H.Revell Company,Chicago English

685 KOREAN WAYS /1937

hardcover, 32 pages including 15 beautiful illustrations in color showing various ways of Korean life .First and only edition. Very rare materials on Korean life.
Sin Young Chuy Sin Young Chuy English

681 A Printed Invitation card/1908

Paper size:15x18cm..Mr. Warner Van Norden Requests the Pleasure of Your Company at the Hotel Savoy Fifth Avenue and Fifty-ninth Street,New York on Thursday Evening the Second of April 1908 at eight fifteen o'clock To Meet The Honorable Horace N. Allen, Former American Minister to Korea and The Reverend Horace G. Underwood , D.D., Twenty-three Years a Missionary in Korea..... Broadside. 18cm. Later folds. Good. Inked note in upper left corner: "sent to Mr. & Mrs. Albert K. Lumley ans. by card." Printed invitation.
. . English

679 Scenes from Every Land./1912

hardcover, 8 vo.216 pages. first edition.Illustrated with photographs throughout--with a first color plate for each land, and then black & white photographs.
National Geographic Society,Washington National Geographic Society,Washington English

677 KOREA Illustrated./1952

hardcover. Lavishly illustrated with 88 pages of masterly full page photos, pen and ink sketches, and accompanying text.
Ted Dickinson/Dave McNichol Charles E.Tuttle Co.Tokyo English

672 NIPPON Archiv zur Beschreibung von JAPON/1897

hardcover, 4to. first edition 2 volumes in one. Contributions to the history of Japan: mythology, history, archaeology, numismatics, with chronological map and numerous black and white illustrations .Volume 1 :421 pages and volume 2 :342 pages. KOREA Section: from page 305 to page 342 pages..................................................................Von Siebold was the most important European scientist who almost single handedly put Japanese studies on the European academic map. In 1823 he was posted to Japan as a surgeon to the Dutch factory on Deshima. He played a significant role in introducing Japan to the West and in his introduction of Western science to Japan. For the illustrations of the present work use was made of Siebold's large ethnographical collection, some 4700 items, which was opened to the public in 1831 and bought by the Dutch government in 1837. The Dutch were the only western nation to trade with Japan from 1639 until the opening of Japan by Perry. Von Siebold (1796-1866) was a German surgeon in service of the Dutch East India Company. 'Despite the restrictions imposed on the freedom of movement of the inhabitants, Siebold found life on the settlement quite comfortable. Since the late eighteenth century, when it had become easier to import and read books in Dutch, groups of scholars had started to engage themselves in the study of Western medicine. Dutch became the medium for these 'Dutch Studies', Rangaku. The main activities of these scholars, 'Rangakusha', were centered around the capital Edo, but all over the country was a growing interest in Western sciences during Siebold's time on Deshima. Soon, Siebold started teaching on a regular basis, mainly on the subjects of the natural science.
Siebold, Philipp Franz von. Würzburg und Leipzig. Verlag d. K.u.K.Hofbuchhandlung von Leo Woerl German

666 Quaint KOREA /1895

hardcover, 8vo. 306 pages. First Edition. Observational and Historical essays made by the author ,an English traveller.Social life ,art,Korea's relation with China and Japan are discussed.
Louise Jordan Miln Charles Scribner's Sons ,New York English

664 Pictorial Korea 4. August ,1946/1946

paperback,4to. 25 pages.Korean Liberation Issue
International Publicity League,Korea International Publicity League,Korea English

646 Les CORREENS /1886

hardcover,91 pages. first edition. General overview of Enthography and History of Korea in the second half of 19th century.Very rare source on Korea.
Leon de Rosny Maisonneuve Freres et Ch.Leclerc ,Editeurs,Paris French

640 Les Coiffures Coreennes par Henri Chevalier/1899

First edition.Folio, 25 cmx31.5 cm tall.Loose as issued in papercover.8 pages plus 2 pages of plate in color illustrated with various 45 hats used in the second half of the Choson Dynasty in Korea.
Henri Chevalier . French


Hard cover, 8 vo.225 pages. First edition. Illustrated wih 24 black and white photographs. Personalized sketches of life in Korea uner the Goverment General of Chosen. Favorable to Japanese.This book is an interesting accounting of life and customs in Korea under Japanese occupation. Chapters include the Diamond Mountians, Sports old and new, Schools, Seoul, The Peking Pass, Keijo, Kwan-Ok-San, Inns , Graves and Funerals, The Emperior's Portrait, The Land of Morning Calm, etc. Illustrations include, The Great Budda, the hanging Temple, diaamond mountians, a Korean Street, the Inn Courtyard, The Crystal peak the Temple of Pul Kuk Sa near Kyung Ju, etc. 24 in all.
H.B.Drake Dodd,Mead and Company,New York English

620 Yung Pak ,Our Little Korean Cousin/1910

harcover,cloth .8 vo. 96 pages. Illustrated with sketches.Fourth edition(First edition was published in 1905) A rare book Introducing the daily life of Korean children in the beginning of 20th centrury.
H.Lee.M.Pike L.C.Page & Company,Boston English

615 CHOSON The Land of the Morning Calm,A Sketch of KOREA/1888

Hard Cover, 8 vo. Cloth. 412 pages .3rd edition(first edition was published in 1885). Illustrated with black and white photographs taken by the author .Author was the late Foreign Secretary and Counsellor to The Korean Mission to the United States of America.Member of the Asiatic Society of Japan.A Primary source on Korea introducing life and manners in Korea in 1884 by an American who was there as a guest of the Korean government.
Percival LOWELL Ticknor and Company,Boston English


Hard cover, 8 vo. cloth.189 pages .Illustrated with b/w photographs. First and only edition.General overview of various Korean culture and games for Children .Author: Missionary of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Mission in Korea since 1892.Author of Our Korean Friends.Very rare book on Korean culture.
Frederick S.Miller Fleming H.Revell Company English

571 Chess and Playing-cards/1898

hard cover, cloth. 8 vo.277pp. 120 illus. in the text plus 50 plates (3 in colour). Modern cloth. Good copy. Catalogue of the games and implements for divination exhibited by the United States National Museum in connection with the Department of Archaeology and Paleotology of the University of Pennylvenia at the Cotton States and International Exposition,Atlanta,Georgia ,1895.by Stewart Culin(Director of the Museum of Archaelogy and Paleontolgy ,University of Pennsylvania....................... KOREA SECTION:Nyout,Tjyong Kyeong-To,Kol-Hpei,SSang-ryouk(backgammon ),Tjyang-kei(chess),Tong-kai(ceremonial quiver),Htou-tiyen(paling-cards)Practice Arrows,Pa-tok(pebble game)
Stewart Culin(Director of the Museum of Archaelogy and Paleontolgy ,University of Pennsylvania. Washington, Government Printing Office English

565 Science Magazine, Volume V.No.121 ,May 29,1885(HONG SAL MUN in Korea)/1885

Paper Wraps. Science. Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4". Articles by/ or about Famous Americans: S. P. LANGLEY "Sunlight and the Earth's Atmosphere"pp.441-450 with illustration; and in Letters to the Editor: JOSEPH LEIDY " A parasitic leech" with illustration. Other articles: " A bronze Medallion Portrait of DR. ASA GRAY with a full page illustration of the medallion; " The Hong Sal Mun, or the Red Arrow Gate" with illustration; " and The Meteorological Obervatory on Blue Hill with illustration.
The Science Company . English

542 The Cosmopolitan .A Monthly Illustrated Magazine volume 8.(November ,1889-April,1890)/1890

hard cover, 8 vo. Leather around spine with great pictures 764 p. Includes illustrations. this book is the bound issues for January-June 1890 Korea section:AT THE HOME OF A COREAN NOBLEMAN(from page 76 to page 81 ) with 7 illustrations.
The Cosmopolitan Publishing Company,New York The Cosmopolitan Publishing Company,New York English

533 Peeps at Many Lands,KOREA /1910

hard cover, 8 vo.85 pages. First edition.Illustrated wih 12 full-page Illustrations in colour by the Author and E.H.Fitchew.
Constance J.D.Coulson Adam and Charles Black,London English


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