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623 Religionsgeschichtliche Volksbucher der Buddhismus in China,KOREA und Japan/1906

paperback, 8vo. 80 pages. first edition.Rare book on the introduction to the Buddhism of China,Korea and Japan in the beginning of 20th century.
Schiele-Marburg, Fr. Michael H.Hackmann,London German


paperback, 8 vo. 476 pages. First edition. Illustrated with32 black and white photographs. Rare book on the Culture and Buddhism of Asia(Phillipine,Siam,French Indo-China,KOREA,Machuria,Siberia)
Dr.Hendrik P.N.Muller Uitgave Van H.Honig Te Utrecht,Netherland Others

599 Religions of Old Korea/1932

Hard Cover cloth , 8 vo. 295 pages.Illustrated with black and white photographs . First Edition. Scholarly study including sections on Buddhism, Confucianism, Chuntokyo Cult, Shamanism and others. Survey of Korean religions based on western language sources and some Korean works.The appendices give translations of some sections of Korean religions works.
Charles Allen Clark,Ph.D.D. Fleming H.Revell Company English

598 Ber Buddhismus /1906

hard cover, 8 vo.240 pages. Rare Source on Buddhism in Korea ,China and Japan(from page 161 to page 239.
HACKMANN, H. Gebauer Schwetschke Druckerei und Verlag German

584 A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms being An Account by the Chinese Monk FA-HIEN of His Travel in India and Ceylon(A.D.399-414) in Search of the Buddhist Books of Descipline translated and annotated with A COREAN RECENSION OF THE CHINESE TEXT./1886

Original half cloth on printed boards,8vo.123 pages in English plus 45 pages in Chinese plus 9 full page illustrations.Fa-hien's account of his travels in India and Ceylon from AD399 to 414 is one of the most important sources for this period. Religious practices are also covered, including much information on Buddhism in Central Asia, India and Ceylon.
James Legge,M.A.LL.D. The Clarendon Press,Oxford. English

535 In Den Diamantbergen KOREA /1927

8 vo. Hard cover,cloth .109 pages. First edition. Illustrated with numerous black and white photographs and sketches (some of them in colour) related to the ruins and relics of Korean Buddhism and Mt.Diamond.
Erzabt Norbert Weber. MIssionsverlag St.Ottilien-Oberbayern,Germany German

431 Korean Buddhism/1918

hard cover,8vo.104 pages. Illustrated with 37 black and white photographs.first and only edition. A popular account,based primarily on observation made in Korea and a brief selection of English language sources relating to the subject. 37 photographic reproductions of Korean Buddhists and Buddhist art(Annotation is based on "KOREA" ,Library of Congress,Washington,1950)
Frederick Starr Marshall Jones Company,London English

360 Japaneseche Religionsgeschichte /1935

hard cover. 8 vo. cloth. 267 pages plus 2 maps.illustrated from photographs and sketches.General study on the Buddhism in Japan and Korea.
W.Gundert Japanisch-Deutsches Kulturinstitut,Tokyo German

355 Le Lotus /Memoirs de la Societe Sinico-Japonaise et Coreene/1887

63 pages. extract . Korea Section: From page 129 to page 153(La Coree et ses Religions. General description on the situation of religions in Korea in the second half of 19th.
Leon de Rosny Maisonneuver et Charles Leclerc,paris French

220 The Pilgrimage of Buddhism and A Buddhist Pilgrimage/1928

hard cover, cloth,758 pages. Contents: 1.The founder. 2. The moral teachings of the founder on their negative side. 3. The positive side of the Buddhist ethic. 4. The road to spiritual freedom. 5. Man and his destiny. 6. The story of Indian Buddhism. 7. Ceylon and Burma. 8. The external aspects of Siamese Buddhism.9. Theory and practice in Siam. 10. Cambodia. 11. The rise of the Mahayana. 12. The philosophy of the Mahayana. 13. The eternal Buddha. 14. The story of Chinese Buddhism. 15. Dramatis personae. 16. Buddhist temples in China. 17. Buddhist monks in China. 18. The Buddhist, Layman. 19. The Buddhist revival in China. 20. Buddhist thought in China. 21. Korean Buddhism. 22. Japan and the Japanese. 23. The story of Japanese Buddhism. 24. The Buddhist cycle in Japan. 25. Buddhist temples in Japan. 26. Buddhist sects and clergy. 27. The Japanese Layman. 28. Propaganda, education, and philanthropy. 29. Buddhist thought in Japan--the earlier sects. 30. Zen. 31. Philosophical positions of the Nichiren and Amida sects. 32. A review of the present condition of Buddhism. 33. The unity of Buddhism. 34. Buddhism and Christianity.
James Bissett Pratt,Ph.D. The Macmillan Company,New York. English


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