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767 A Bibliography of Eastern Asiatic Botany /1938

Elmer D.Merrill and Egbert H.Walker The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.

743 An Enumeration of all the Plants known from China Proper, Formosa, Hainan, Corea, the Luchu Archipelago, and the Island of Hong Kong.: Together with their Distribution and Synonymy in 20 parts and 2 indexes. /1889

hard cover 8 vo. 1810 pages.London, Linn. Soc. Jl. Botany, 1889-1905. Text with 23 lithographs and one tinted folded map.
Forbes, F. and W. Hemsley(Linnean Society) Longmans ,Green,and Co. English


paperback, large 8 vo. 141 page icluding 18 plates (2 IN COLOR).THIS IS A WHOLE NUMBER OF THE JOURNAL WITH ANOTHER PAPER ON MOTHS AND 3 ON OTHER SUBJECTS (46)
College of Argriculture,Imperial University of Tokyo Imperial University of Tokyo English

691 FLORA KOREANA by Nakai (1909-1911)/1909

hardcover, 2 volumes bound into one hardcover book . Volume one(published in 1909) .304 pages plus 15 plates. Volume 2(published in 1911 ) 575 pages plus 20 plates . Journal College of Science, Imp. Univ., Tokyo .1909-1911. totally 879p., 35 engravings. Very rare academic work on the Botany of Korea.First edition.
Nakai.T. Imperial University of Tokyo English

683 A Synonymic List of Butterflies of Korea /1940

hardcover,2 pages of Korean butterflies in color . 391pages. first edition.
D.M.Seok Korea Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society,Seoul English

678 The Journal of The Linnean Society Volume 14 No.77(Zoology),1879./1879

paperback,88 pages. Contents: 4 plates (complete) Book Condition, Etat : Bon paperback, original editor's wrappers In-8 1 vol. - 89 pages Contents, Chapitres : 1. J. Gwyn Jeffreys : Notice of some Shells dredged by Capt. St. John in Korean Strait - 2. W. Percy Sladen : On the Asteroidea and Echinodea of the Korean Seas, plate VIII - 3. Prof. P. Martin Duncan : On some Ophiuroidea from the Korean Seas, communicated by W. Percy Sladen, plates IX to XI - 4. F. Buchanan White : Descriptions of New Hemiptera, part I - 5. Professor Allman : The Anniversary Address of the President - Recent Progress in our knowledge of the Structure and Development of the Phylactolaematous Polyzoa - pages 417 to 505.
The Linnean Society ,London . English

659 Archiv fur Naturgeschichte (Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Coleopteren-Fuana KOREAS)/1886

Extracted materials on Korean animals . from page 139 to page 240 plus 2 paged plates of insects of Korea
H.J.Kolbe Nicolaische Verlags-Buchhandellung,Berlin German

654 The Journal of The Linnean Society (Botany) vol.23 no.151.../1886

paperback, small 8 vo. An Enumerration of allthe Plants known from China Proper,Formosa, Hainan,COREA ,the Luchu Archipelago,and the land of Hongkong,together with their Distribution and Synonymy .By Francis Blackwell Forebs,F.L.S., Knight Commandor of Swedish Royal Order of Wasa; And Wiiliam Botting Hemsley,F.R.S., F.L.S., Honorary Member of The Mexican Natural History Society ,Keeper of Herbarium of Royal Gradens. Volume 23. no151-1(1886) Volume 23 no.151-2(1886) Volume 23 no.152(1887) Volume 23 no.153/154(1887) Volume 23 no.155(1888) Volume 23 no.156/157(1888) Volume 26. no. 173(1889) Volume 26. no.174( 1890) Volume 26. no.175 (1890) Volume 26. no. 176(1891) Volume 26 no.177(1894) Volume 26. no.178(1899) Volume 26. no.179/180(1902) Volume 36.No. 251(1903) Volume 36. no.252(1903) Volume 36.no. 253(1904) Volume 36. no.254(1904) Volume 36. no. 255/256(1905)
The Linnean Society . English

647 FLORA KOREANA(volume 2) ,Journal of the College of Science ,Imperial University of Tokyo,1911/1911

paperback , large 8 vo.573 pages plus 20 gages of plates.first edition.very rare academic work on Geographical Botany of Korea.
T.Nakai Tokyo University,Tokyo English


hard cover, 8 vo. cloth.392 pages. first edition.5 maps, 10 toned lithos, 40 illustrations.Primary source on Japan ,China and Korea taken from keen observations from cruise to the Japan ,China and Korea during author's stay in Japan for 7 years.Numerous sketches throughout. The author was a naturalist and a hunter, and his naval duties as commander of a British warship , the H. M. S. Sylvia, brought him the opportunity to collect and shoot throughout much of East Asia during his seven years in the region in the 1850's. His written account of his experiences are very colorful and spiced by Western superiority. But his descriptions of the wildlife and natural landscapes are especially interesting. They almost render his experiences with typhoons, pirates, Ainu savages, and all that might be expected to be recounted in such a memoir as secondary. His desire for accuracy prompted him to include an appendix of Japanese birds, as enumerated in Siebold's Fauna Japonica, which assisted him in determining his own collection of Japanese ornithology. Some of his collection he states were contributed to the British Museum. Locations: Hong Kong, the Inland Sea, the Kuril Islands, Kiusiu (Kyushu?), Yesso, Hainan, Soochow, Canton, among others.
St. John, H.C. Edinburgh: David Douglas English

594 Do You Know KORYO GINSENG/1937

Promotional booklet, softcover with ties, about 11p with 5 pictures. Design of ginseng plant on front cover
G.Shimojima The Chosen Government Monopoly Bureau English

592 Flora Koreana in 2 volumes.(1909-1911)/1909

In 2 volumes . Volume one(published in 1909) .hardcover,304 pages plus 15 plates. Volume 2(published in 1911 ) hardcover,575 pages plus 20 plates . Journal College of Science, Imp. Univ., Tokyo .1909-1911. totally 879p., 35 engravings. Very rare academic work on the Botany of Korea.First edition.
Nakai, T. Imperial University of Tokyo English

534 On A Collection of Fishes made in Korea,by Pierre Louis ,with Descriptions of New Species./1905

8 vo. 20 pages.Disbound articles from Proceedings U.S.National Museum,Vol.28.No.1391 (1905)
David Starr Jordan and Edwin Chapin Starks U.S.National Museum English

518 The Tiger's Claw:The life-story of East Asia's mighty hunter /1956

hardcover, 8 vo.222 pages.Illustrated with Photo Plates & Maps. Pictorial Dust Jacket . Biography of George Mihailovich Yankovsky, big-game hunter of tigers and other animals in Siberia, Korea and Manchuria. Life on Yankovsky's Peninsula is recounted here, with its protected deer park, the family's amazing escape from the Bolsheviks, and the Utopian community set up by Yankovsky in Korea. Most interesting of all, we hear of the amazing tiger, leopard and boar hunts undertaken by Yankovsky and his sons. .
Taylor, Mary Linley London Burke Publishing Co. Ltd English

506 On a New Silurid Fish from the Yalu River,South Manchuria/1921

No.2408-From the proceeding of the Unites States National Museum.volume 60. Art 13, page 1-2(2 pages)
Arthur de Carie Sowerby Washington Government Printing Office English

505 On Two Species of Fishes from the Yalu River,China/1917

No. 2228-From the Proceeding of the United States National Museum volume 54,pages 99-101 (3 pages)
Isaac Ginsburg Washington ,Government Printing Office. English

504 On Some New and Rare Birds of Corea/1922

from "The Auk" Volume 39,no.3 July,1922 ..3 pages
Nagamichi Kuroda . English

497 Mammals Colletced in Korea /1913

paperback,8 vo.American Museum of Natural History volume 32 art.24 pp.427-436
J.A.Austin and Roy C.Andrews American Museum of Natural History English

496 A Distributional List of the Korean Birds and Mamals/1958

Paperback, 8 vo.106 pages. List of Birds and Mammals living in Korean Peninsula,Dagelet and Quelpaert(Jeju Islands).
Forest Experiment Station,Insitute of Agriculture ,Seoul,Korea . English

470 IN DER TAIGA/1958

hard cover, 156 pages.First and only edition. illustrated with 15 photographs. The author, an actress who met and married her husband (an American mining engineer) during a theatrical tour to India and the Far East, and subsequently enjoyed a "long and eventful married life," much of it in Korea, where her husband managed a gold mine. "Korea between the wars was under Japanese rule; its ancient culture, its elaborate customs even then under threat. Mary gives birth to her child while copies of an illegal Declaration of Independence are hastily hidden from the Japanese beneath her bedclothes. The Korean Emperor's funeral leads to riots and slaughter. White Russian refugees from Vladivostok appear in a warship of the Imperial Russian Navy, pleading for sanctuary from the Bolsheviks and Mary has her last Korean adventure when she tries to bury her husband's ashes next to his father................................................................... Rare source on the wild animals such as Tigers, Leopards,Bears living in the the taiga of Korea ,Siberia and Manchuria.
Mary Linley Taylor Verlag Paul Parey,Hamburg and Berlin German

468 An Enumeration of all the Plants known from China Proper, Formosa, Hainan, Corea, the Luchu Archipelago, and the Island of Hong Kong.: Together with their Distribution and Synonymy(volume 3 only from 3 volumes/set) /1905

hard cover,686 pages.A monumental flora of China published in parts between 1886 and 1905. An Enumeration of all the Plants Known from China Proper, Formosa, Hainan, Corea, the Luchu Archipelago, and the Island of Hongkong, together with their distribution and synonymy.
Forbes, Francis Blackwell & Hemsley, William Botting. The Journal of the Linnean Society, Botany,London English

398 Contributions to Oriental Herpetology in Korea or Chosen,1925/1925

July 23,1925.Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences Fourth Series.Vol14 No.5 pp.89-100.
Joseph R.Slevin California Academy of Sciences English

384 Report on A Collection of Birds made by Pierre Louis Jouy in Korea/1910

paperback,30 pages.Report by Austin H.Clark,Assistant Curator,Division of Marine Invertebrates,U.S.National Museum. From the Proceedings of the United States National Museum,Vol38.pages 147-176.Published May 9,1910.
Austin H.Clark Washington Governmentr Printing Office English

292 Flowers and Folk-lore from far KOREA /1931

hard cover,cloth 1st edition. 1931 .12-3/4 x 10-1/4 inches. Original black cloth with decoratively blind-stamped borders, ornate column of flowers and butterflies stamped in red, and heavy gilt lettering on front cover and spine. Color illustrated endpapers showing (with labels) a variety of flowering plants. Arranged by month, and illustrated with handsome tipped-in color plates of various Korean plants, protected by tissue guards. Oversized volume with 45 color tipped in plates with tissue guards, complete. 93 pages . plus 4 index page.
Lorence-Hedleston Crane The Sansedo co.Ltd.Kokyo ,Osaka English

248 In Korean Wilds and Villages/1938

hard cover,232 pages.8 vo. folding map.First edition. Illustrated from 127 photographs taken by the author. Translations of I morgonstillhetens land in Swedish. Photographs and detailed descriptions of Korea by the Swedish naturalist who was in Korea 1935-1936. This is one of the very few works with descriptions of the more secluded regions in North Korea. (Annotation is based on KOREA ,Library of Congress,1950)
Sten Bergman John Gifford Limited,London English

208 A Catalogue of the Fishes known from the waters of Korea/1913

hard cover/soft cover. text of 65 pages and 10 plates introducing fishes living the waters of Korea. Momoirs of the Carnegie Museum Vol.6.No.1June 1913 first edition.
W.J.Holland(editor) Carnegie Institute,Pittsburg English

141 Koreanische Sufswasser-Mullusken/1905

paperback,70 pages and 3 full page plates. A study on Mollusk living in the Korean waters by German malacologist.
Prof. Martens verlag von Gustav Fischer in Jena German

115 The Paradise Flycatcher of Japan and Korea/1910

7 pages. From the Proceedings of the United States National Museum,Vol.27 ,pages 651-655,published August 4,1910.
Pierre Louis Jouy Government Printing Office,Washington English

36 The Birds of Korea /1948

hard cover,301 pages. Reports on The Birds of Korea based on Author's collecting and field experience in Korea between November ,1945 and May,1946 ,on a review of all the literature availble ,and on specimens and other data,much of it unpublished ,in museums and private collections in Korea ,Japan, and the United States.
Oliver L.Austin,Jr. Cambridge ,Mass.U.S.A. Printed for the Museum English


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