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614 The Architectural Record... March 31,1896./1896

8 vo. paperback.115 pages. Korea section: from page 294 to 297 .
The Architectural Record Co.,N.Y. The Architectural Record Co.,N.Y. English

509 Ceremonial de L'achevement des Travaux de Hoa Syeng (COREE) (1800)/1895

Extract from the Academic Journal "T'oung-Pao" published in Leiden,Netherlands Volume 9 ,Number 5. 8 vo.14 pages plus 39 plates . T'oung-Pao is an academic jounral publsihed from 1890 in Leiden,Netherlands covering history ,culture and art of China and neighbouring countries. This material is based on the Report titled "HWA SEONG SONGYOK EGE" in 10 volumes covering all process of construction of the FORTRESS HWA SEONG in the City of Suwon,Kyungki-do,Korea. The FORTRESS was built from 1794 to 1796 . After the construction of the FORTRESS HWA SEONG , the Report was made in 1801 by the cabinet of Yi Danasty by the order of the King.The FORTRESS Hwaseong, Changdeokgung (Palace), Bulguksa (Temple) and Seokguram (Stone Cave), were registered as World Cultural and Natural Heritage during the 21st General Assembly of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO on Dec. 4, 1997.
Henri Chevalier Librairie et Imprimerie ,Leide,Netherland French


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